Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer beauty essentials

Hey everyone,

I'm back for a new post! I hope you're having a great day today!? Because summer is coming up sooner than you think and time flies I thought it would be a fun idea to share my summer beauty essentials with you. Summer is my favorite season of the year and I can't stop looking forward to going to the beach all day, wearing my flip flops again and enjoying the sun. Let's get started!
summer beauty essentials 2016 #summer2016 #beautytips

summer beauty essentials 2016 #summer2016 #beautytips

My first beauty essential for this summer would defenitely be my Marc Jacobs perfume called Daisy. I have it now for a very long time and it's one of my favorite perfumes right now. The scent is soft and smells like a flower, perfect to wear everyday and for the summer too. The bottle is very cute too because it has little daisy flowers on it. 

Next I have the Loreal black buster eyeliner. What I love about this eyeliner is that it's very easy to apply because it's like a pencil. It's very handy to have with you and quick to apply. What I love to do when it's hot and sunny is just applying the eyeliner in combination with some mascara and a soft lipgloss and the look is already complete. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup during summer and that's why this eyeliner is really my summer essential.
boreal black bust eyeliner review
Another essential is my rituals smooth lipgloss. It looks really natural and is easy to wear and apply. It's with little sparkles and the color is dark orange. It looks really cute and it's easy to bring with you because it's in travel format. 
rituals smooth lipgloss la vie en rose

Than I have my Loreal nail polishes which I absolutely love so much! I bought them at the airport in Amsterdam in a package of three. But I lost the third nailpolish I think, I still haven't found it... But one is in light orange which is very cute and a happy color and the other is dark pink which is also very cute for your toes. 
loreal nailpolishA beauty skincare brand that I like very much is called Embryolisse. Maybe you've heard of it before but basically it sells moisturizers and products to clean your skin. The products I use right now are the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Moussant and the Lait-Creme Concentre. The first one is to clean your skin. It's a foaming cream-milk and for all skin types. It's for your face and body but I only use it for my face. Ingredients are for example sweet almond oil and Shea butter. When you apply it it feels really soft and afterwards I apply the creme Concentre to prevent my skin from getting dry. The creme is also used by models as moisturizer and the basis for the makeup. 
embryolisse skincare

My next essential would be my Calvin Klein lip balms. I bought them on Amazon Uk online and thought they looked really cute. One balm is in soft pink and the other in a darker pink. I love to wear them and they one of my favorites. 
calvin klein makeup

After being in the sun all day your need to to extra care of your skin. What I love to do after showering is applying some body lotion. The body lotion I love right now is from Elizabeth Arden and is called pink. Your skin feels very soft afterwards and your feel extra good because you take care of yourself. 
Elizabeth Arden pretty body lotion
My last summer beauty essential is my eye pencil and mascara travel duo. I got it for free because I bought something in the drugstore and it's really an essential for this summer. The pencil is very handy and the mascara looks very good too to create a little extra volume. It's from the brand Herome-Hypnose. 

lance eye pencil and mascara

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What is your beauty essential for this summer?

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

May beauty favorites | New Youtube Channel!

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a great weekend!? Last weekend I started my own Youtube channel after thinking about it for a very long time. The main reason why it took me so long to finally start posting videos online was because I find it pretty scary to put yourself public for the whole world. But now my channel is made and it's called Isabella's Choice. For my third Youtube video I thought it was a fun idea to share my favorite beauty items of the month May. From eyeshadows to lip glosses and from Dior to ELF, I hope you enjoy! :) 

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Little reasons to smile

Hey everyone,

There are so many little reasons in life to smile. I thought it would be a nice idea to list some of my favorite little reasons to smile. 

When the sun is shining
Watching a very good movie
When your makeup looks perfect
Spending time with your friends
Taking photographs
Listening to music
Eating your favorite food
little reasons to smile

The smell of shampoo in your hair after a long shower
Kissing in the rain
Baking for fun
Thinking about your future
Being lucky
Buying a magazine just because you like the cover
Remembering a good dream when you wake up
Lush bath products
Feeling like you did something right
People talking with an accent
Receiving flowers from a guy
just girly things receiving a flower

Drinking a lot of tea
Hanging up new decorations in your bedroom
Getting into your pyjamas after a long day
Visiting your favorite city
From Travel quotes

Thank you very much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it, what is your favorite reason to smile? 
Have a lovely day, Isabella

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rome | Fashion, sadness, fun and food

Hey everyone, 

I hope you have had an amazing weekend!? I have just returned home after spending a week abroad with my father and brother in the open air museum city called Rome! Those days where one of the best days of my life, it really felt like a holiday to me and my brother. Because my father is Italian we have a house in Rome and we went there of course. The weather wasn't so good unfortunately, the first few days it rained a lot (just as we landed in Rome ;) but the last few days it got better. 

Trip schedule 
Thursday: The day me and my brother went on holiday by plane together for the first time(I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous too... ;) After putting everything in our suitcases we took a taxi to Schiphol airport. Packing always takes very long for me because I don't want to forget anything at home like my glasses, hair ties, headphones, toothpaste etc.. all those small things together. It's like bringing your whole house with you! Do you also know that problem? But besides that we managed to not forgot anything and when we arrived at the airport it was the beginning of a big journey. We said goodbye to our mom and after the security check I wanted to look at some shops because I love shopping if you didn't know that already. :) We also bought a small gift for my father to thank him we can stay there in Rome with him eventhough he has it very busy with his work and his parents are really really sick. ;( We bought him a big Lindt milk chocolate bar because it's his favorite chocolate. A while later we went to our gate and stepped in the airplane, I slept the whole flight haha. When we arrived at Fiumicino Airport late in the evening and hearing everybody speak Italian it was like feeling at home. I just love the Italian language so much! Our father stood behind the babage pick up and when he saw us and we him we were so happy! :) 
rome may break flowers #flowers #spring2016
One orchidee I bought in Holland for my father has now over fifty flowers! 
rome by night view from balcony
View of Rome by night 

Friday: The weather was really bad with thunderstorms and rain so we went to a shopping outlet called Valmontone half an hour away from Rome. It has shops like Nike, Calzedonia, Liu-Jo and many more. The first store I went in was the Nike store because I needed to have a cute outfit for the gym. I came across the new Spring collection and really loved the white dry-fit t-shirt combined with a black and white colored dry-fit running legging. (Like all brothers he hates shopping haha...) I also needed a pair of tennis shoes so I thought these were perfect. Than we went to the Superga outlet store where all the Superga were around twenty five euros! I bought only one pair because I still have a few from last year. Than my father suggested to eat something because the time flies when you're having fun.;) We ate some delicous pizza and an ice cream. Than I thought we were going home and I had to close my eyes but we went to the Twin-Set shop! That's my favorite brand and I wanted to buy everything.. I choose three things, A t-shirt with floral beading on top, a shirt with short sleeves and ruffles on the back and a white top with beading. I was so happy and I thanked my father way too much..
In love with these Twin-Set clothes! #fashionlover #shoppingaddict

In love with these Twin-Set clothes! #fashionlover #shoppingaddict

Very cute Superga loafers I bought in Italy for really not a lot of money #bargainhunter
Nike running set in black and white perfect for the gym too #Nikeforever #getfitnow

Nike tennis shoes perfect for the gym too #Nikeforever #getfitnow

Saturday: During the night from Friday to Saturday my grandfather on my fathers side in Rome felt really bad. My father visited him almost every two hours at night in the hospital. He didn't recognize his family anymore and couldn't eat. The next morning when I woke up I heard the sadness in my fathers voice when he said to me and my brother he wasn't alive anymore. It's so sad because I really loved him very much and to see my father this way is really not fun. My father started to call everybody and to invite people to the funeral. We went to buy some flowers with our names on them. The funeral was two hours from Rome in San Pellegrino close to Norcia in the mountains. It was in a small church where my father got baptisted. Basically this day no one had energy to do something, so we only went out for a pizza and watched a movie at home together to not think about the sad news for a while.

Sunday: The day of the funeral. We went earlier than the other to Norcia because my father wanted to do something fun for us to before it started. We got a sightseeing tour by car in Norcia. Norcia is really pretty, the mountains are really beautiful and it's a place with no wifi and just to relax. You have hiking routes, mountain bikers and a river that's well known for rafting. We visited Norcia's square and the church and went out for lunch to eat pasta. A few hours later, the funeral started and all our family arrived and friends. It was all very katholic, with singing and I wasn't used to that but it was nice. It was so sad to see my father cry the whole time, luckily we were there for him and it was like it had to happen when we were in Rome during our trip. We hugged him and were there for him because that's what he needed. Than after everything we were al, really tired and went home. 
We suddenly came across these sheeps in the mountains in Norcia Italy #lifegoals #italyisbeautiful
These suddenly walked on the street....

Monday: To throw all the sadness away Monday was the day of the football match AS Roma - Napoli. Although I'm not a big football fan I enjoyed it very much. It was especially for my brother because the shops where more for me and this for him. We had vip tickets and were sitting just before all the journalists. Before the match started we had our own table in the VIP lounge and with all sorts of pizza, pasta, fruits and deserts.This was the part I enjoyed the most! ;) 
roma napoli 21 aprile as roma e stato molto bene #calcio

Tuesday: In the morning we went to a bar close to our house for breakfast. Than we went to the center of Rome and walk there for a little bit. We went to a few museums, walked next to the colosseum and went to a bookstore. I love going to bookstores abroad because there are so many new books and magazines. I really recommend when you're in Italy to buy the TuStyle and the Gioia magazines. They are my favorite ones and they are filled with stories, inspiration and you can discover a lot of new brands. In the bookstore I bought a book from Zoella which I wanted to have for a really long time. It's the book called Girl Online In Tour in Italian. Another thing that I bought was a VanGogh color book called Color your own Van Gogh with real paintings that you can color or paint the way you like. 

Bought Girl Online from Zoe Sugg Zoella in a bookstore in Rome and love it!
Picture of the colosseum in Rome

Museum in Rome

Wednesday: The last day! It went by all too fast! We went to another shopping outlet called Castel Romano near Rome. They have a Woolrich outlet and if you come there when it's sale on top of the outlet price you can get some really good deals. I bought a sweater at Tommy Hilfiger which I really love because of the red bow in the back. In combination with the sweater I bought a plaid scarf also from Tommy Hilfiger. We ate some ice cream and a pizza, packed are bags and went to the airport again. Although it was a trip with mixed emotions, I enjoyed spending time with my family. When your father lives far away it makes you appreciate the moments you spend with him even more. After a two hour flight we arrived at Schiphol airport and our Rome trip was completed. 

Cute tommy hilfiger sweater with red bow in the back
In combination with a cute Tommy Hilfiger checked scarf

Makeup Brands I discoverd while in Rome

Things I realized after this trip
*Study in Rome
This trip just made me fall in love with Rome even more! It made me realize that I defenitely want to study abroad in Rome in the future. 
*Appreciate Family 
Because life never goes as planned some things just happen. And life goes on and this trip made me realize that family is very important.

Songs I discovered in Rome 
*Sofia Alvaro Soler
*Zucchero Partigiano Reggiano 
*Duele El Corazon
*Hymn for the Weekend
*Come Jain Zanaka

Thank you so much for reading my post and I hope you really enjoyed it! Have you ever been to Rome/planning to go? 

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Life update 9th of April: Adventures, struggles and shopping

Hey everyone,

It's been quite a while since my last blog post. I hope you are doing well!? My test week is almost over, Monday I have math and English and than I'm finally done. I feel like every test week is becoming more stressful and feel like I'm isolated from the rest of the world... ;) The wetter in Holland is getting better too, I'm very happy with that. Trees are getting leafs and all kinds of beautiful flowers are everywhere. The feeling of Spring is here! For my daily exercise I went for a half an hour walk in my neighbourhood because the sun was shining and it's a good way for me to relax and clear my head. I came across this beautiful pink tree and had to take a picture of it. 

life update rome #bucketlist #travel
Some exciting news that I love to share with you is that I planned a trip to go to Rome in about two weeks from now. It's so cool because I go alone with my brother to visit my father who lives in Rome. Last year I also went by myself to Rome and with was an amazing experience. We have vip tickets to the Roma-Napoli football match, my brother and father really wanted to go there. I'm not really a football fan but I can enjoy myself in the restaurant with free food... Besides the football, some shopping has to be done of course. Every year on my visit to Rome I go to outlets like Castel Romano in Rome where my favorite shop is. It's a shop in the outlet where they sell brands like Timberland or Woolrich. I bought there a few sweaters and a cape. Another outlet that I really want to visit is Diffusione Tessile. It sells Max Mara clothes but are all more than half price so you can score very cute Blazers, shirts whatever you want. The style compared to big chain stores in the Netherlands is very different, not that they aren't good. This store is just more exclusive and the clothes are all original and with great eye for details. Next on the schedule is going to a museum because you can't only shop haha, something has to be learned too. Not sure which museum we will go to, but it will defenitely be worth it. Also I'm going to visit my grandparents, as they are also getting a year older I want to spend some quality time with them too because I only see them once a year. Family is very important in life and they mean the world to me. ;) I hope everything will go well because I am very scared to go by plane, do you know that feeling? Fingers crossed... For next summer I would love to go on a language camp with Spachcaffe to Barcelona, I heard it's an amazing city! 
Besides my adventure abroad, I'm taking driving lessons. ( In a red mini, so cutee)It's going a little bit slower than expected because I was coping with teeth infections but know my driving is on a good level and only need to perfect it. But before I can get my license I have to pass the car theorie test which I really start to hate now haha. This Tuesday my test is planned but I've had it so busy with school that I alsmot couldn't practice and learn for the test oops. It's also very difficult because every question is diffult and there are like more than ten thousand possible questions to ask. But someday I'll pass. ") 

life update rome #bucketlist #travelIf you read my blog post in Febuary you may know that I got my ears pierced for the first time. I still love them very much and am now wearing tiny pearl earrings everyday. I'm soon going to get some bigger ones, maybe form Swarovski. 

earrings cute studs and pearls #cute #jewelry

Favorite songs at the moment: I found a girl by the Vamps, No by Meghan Trainor, Nothing like this by Blonde & Craig David, Boyfriend by Tegan & Sara, I wanna know by Alesso, desire by Years & Years, who am I by Katy B. 

In my next post I'll share with you my recent Esprit clothing items! 
Thank you for visiting my blog. Have you planned your adventure abroad? 
Have a lovely day, 


Saturday, March 5, 2016

3 Exciting new trends to try this Spring

Hey everyone, 

The sun is getting brighter, the grass is getting greener and that means Spring is coming! I always love Spring, it's the season I love the most because the trees are always so beautiful in pink and the you can wear cute tops and skirts again. For this Spring there are plenty of new exciting trends to try but also trends that were really stylish this winter and are coming back next season. I thought it was a nice idea to share some new and stylish trends for Spring to refresh your closet. Enjoy! 

3 exciting new trends to try this Spring #runwayfashion #ss2016

1. The first trend for coming season is lace. In the past few seasons lace has always been a big trend on the runway. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana or Moschino have shown that lace does not always have to be just white or black. Coming Spring the big trend is to wear items in bright colors like red, blue or yellow. Lace comes now in all sorts of colors and patterns, even in stripes. I thinks this would be my favorite trend. Lace is easy to wear every season of the year. It looks classic, feminine and just gives that extra final touch to your outfit. When wearing a bright colored lace item, it's easy to make your outfit look too busy with too much accessories. The best thing to keep in mind is that less is always more. You can combine it with a simple necklace or ring and it looks already nice. 

3 exciting new trends to try this Spring #runwayfashion #ss2016
Source                                                                                             Source ,                                                                                                                                                                  Source           

2. The next big trend for coming Spring are bows. Designers like Gucci showed on the runway that the new big trend can be worn in combination with everything. It can make your outfit preppy or classic and you can really add your personal style into your outfit. On the runway there were models who wore really big bows and some wore smaller ones. I recently bought a necklace from Abercrombie that you you can tie into a bow at the back. It's really cute and it defenitely makes your shirt look better! 

3 exciting new trends to try this Spring #runwayfashion #ss2016
                                                                     Source                                                                       Source , Source

3. This color will be very stylish this spring. It's the color orange. Normally I'm not really into all the bright colors, the softer colors and basic ones are the colors I wear the most. But after seeing the happy and cheerful color on the runway, I think for a change its not even that bad. On a sunny day it looks very nice and looks very cute. Orange comes into a few different shades, the more red orange and the yellow orange tones. 
3 exciting new trends to try this Spring #runwayfashion #ss2016
Source                                                                                               Source                                                                              Source

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! 
Which trend would like to wear this Spring? 
Have a lovely day,


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick | Review


If you asked me what my favourite makeup product is, I'd definitely say lipsticks! I love them, I'm a little obsessed with them. A couple weeks ago i went shopping and of course I HAD to go into Kiko because i just really love that store, as i was looking at all the things I found a wonderful lipstick which probably is my favourite one at the moment.
I haven't seen many people talk about this lipstick and i really don't understand why. It is amazing !
These are my thoughts on it:

It doesn't come in the typical lipstick package, this one looks more like a crayon which i find really interesting. It doesn't look fancy or anything but i really like the fact that you don't have to open it to see what shade it is as the packaging is made of the same colour!
The first time i ever applied this i was really surprised with how creamy it is. It is so smooth on the lips and it glides on the lips very easily. I love how moisturising it is and you don't really need to apply a lip balm before. It dries a bit after a while but it still doesn't feel drying at all! The texture is probably what made me fall in love with it!

I love how it stays on for quite a while, like 5 to 6  hours, but it will go off if you have lunch as it transfers a lot which i find quite annoying.

I got the shade English Rose 04, it is a lovely pinkish nude colour, perfect for everyday wear. This is a ''my lips but better'' shade although it is a tiny bit darker than my actual lips. It looks quite natural when it's on but you can still tell that i am wearing something on my lips, which i really love. It has a subtle sheen after applying it but when it dries it looks quite matte. This lipstick is very pigmented, with a single swipe you can achieve full opacity.

To add up to everything i love about this lipstick, it was only 2.30€ as it is on sale right now which is a total steal!

Of course! i will definitely buy this lipstick again in the same shade and some other shades as well to try them out as i love them so much!

Have you ever tried this lipstick? If so, did you like it? 

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the lipstick review from Paula! I asked her to guest blog on Isabella's Choice because I really love her blog and hope you do too. A little description of Paula: My name is Paula, I am an 18 year old Spanish girl who loves fashion, beauty and boy band a little too much! I mostly blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Make sure to check out her blog called Nameless Gap and follow her on social media! Nameless Gap
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Getting my ears pierced

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're doing well!? This week has gone by so fast, I have a fifthy minute schedule so I leave school everyday around twelve which is very nice. It's raining the whole week and I'm really looking forward to some sun now. But since it's perfect weather to stay inside and start blogging I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you my ear piercing experience. 
getting my ears pierced #earrings #piercing
So I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced for a long time, but I never really had the courage to go and get it done. I also didn't really knew if it would look great or it looked as too much. I finally made the decision and last Saturday was the day I went to a jewelry shop in my neighbourhood with my mom. I was quite nervous and when I stood in front of the shop I didn't want anymore haha.. My mom asked if it would look good on her and I said why not. So she went and got her ears pierced. I dint look, but she was still alive... ;) Because it looked cute I wanted to go too and they women pierced my ears at the same time. But because I was so nervous my head was shaking and when I looked in the mirror, one earring was higher than the other. The women said of all the people she had pierced, I was the first person it happened too. Luckily it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would and I have already one earring. Next week I'm going to get my other ear pierced and I have my fingers crossed! 
getting my ears pierced #earrings #piercing
I watched a lot of videos on YouTube of people getting their ears pierced, you see very dramatic reations of people crying and screaming. That's why I was very afraid, but it's not that painful. You feel about an hour after some light pain in your ears but that's normal and goes away very quickly. Now the beginners earrings have to stay in for about six weeks and than you can choose other cute ones. I have to rotate my earrings every night so the earring doesn't get attached to my ear. Cleaning my ears with anti bacterial cream is also very important to prevent an infection. I'm already looking at other earrings online, my favorite jewelry brand right now is Pandora. So I think I'll probably my mine there. What's nice is that the jewelry pieces match with other pieces. I have a ring with a white stone from Pandora, and they sell matching earrings with the same white stones. The Italian brand Ti Sento also has nice and classic earrings. 

At the end I'm very happy I did it and it's was unfortunate that only one earring was pierced well, but At least I know it's not that bad and I love the way it looks and really looking forward to choosing some cute studs. If you are still thinking about whether or not your should get your ears pierced, I recommend going to the jewelry shop and look at some earrings and place them in front of your ears so you really see how it will look. The piercing is really not that painful, you can always decide to remove your earrings anytime of course. 

How was your ear piercing experience?

Have a lovely day, 


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