Sunday, March 1, 2015

MInimal necklaces

MInimal necklaces

Daisy Jewellery clasp charm
€95 -

Kate Spade gold charm
€52 -

Wanderlust Co infinity jewelry
€26 -

Charm jewelry
€13 -

Pendants necklace
€12 -

Pieces circle pendant necklace
€7,05 -

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Budget beauty products review

Hey everyone,

Today I thought it was a good idea to share some of my budget makeup with you. I love buying things on a budget when it comes to makeup. I will share with you a mascara, eye refresher, nail polish and blush. Enjoy!

The first item is the eye refresher which I love very much. It's from Elf, a brand that's eco friendly and on a budget. They have a lot of good products and this is one of them. When I have to wake up early in the morning and I still look a little bit sleepy I put the roller under my eyes and it's sort of the same when you put cold water on your face. The roller is very cold and that's why it's so refreshing. I think it was around one euro. Mine is almost finished, so time to buy a new one! I would give this eye refresher an eight. 

My next beauty product is from the brand Miss Sporty. I know a lot of people have this mascara, I thought if everybody had it it had to be a good mascara and I gave it a try. But unfortunately I didn't like it at all.The brush is very hard and when you put it on your eyelashes it feels not good. It leaves black peaces everywhere and the mascara is also very hard to remove. I bought it for two euro. I do not recommend this one, I would give it a four. 

I got this blush as a gift from a friend in combination with a few other pencils and eyeshadows of the same collection. It's not really from a brand, I couldn't find it anywhere. But the blush itself was actually good which I didn't expect from it. It's very tiny and when you put it on the color looks nice and not too much. It stays for about a morning and I always put on a little bit more when you don't see it anymore. Especially when it's winter and you see a little bit white. I would give this blush an eight. 

My final beauty budget product that I want to share with you is a nail polish form Miss Sporty. This nail polish is defenitely better than the Miss Sporty mascara. The color looks very cute and classic and you can wear almost everything in combination with it. It's like a French manicure, it stays for good for a few days. It's also a good nail polish base for nail art, I did that a few days ago and it looked very cute too! I bought it for one euro and I would defenitely recommend this nail polish. I give it a seven. 

Thank you for reading!
What is your favorite beauty product?
Have a lovely day,


Thursday, February 26, 2015

In love with Pandora

Hey everyone,

Since last year I've kind of got interested in the famous jewelry brand Pandora. They have so many different charms, bracelets, necklaces and cute other things that you really want to have them all. For my seventeenth birthday I got a Pandora bracelet with a few light pink charms. Once you buy a bracelet, you can add different charms to it. Now I still want to buy a pretty blue charm with silver. When I feel like I want to wear blue today, I change the charms and it looks just as pretty! I love that about Pandora. On my Wishlist is also a chain to protect your bracelet if the clip breaks, just in case it breaks. 


Every month there is a different birth color that you can choose from. It's nice when you have your birthday and pick your matching color. The next Pandora Spring Disney Collection of 2015 will be available on 12st of March. A blogger who loves charms and brands like Trollbeads has previewed the collection already. She says it's full of Disney princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Frozen. The Disney collection of 2014 was more about Mickey and Minnie. I think I will love this years' collection! This is her blog: 


I would love to show my bracelet with you and a few charms. For Valentine's Day my dad bought me a hanger/chain with a gold with silver heart to put on a necklace. I really love that and I thought it was very sweet of my dad to do that. (Chocolates were also good, but I don't say no to this;) I hope you like them! 

Thank you for reading. 
Do you love Pandora? 

Have a lovely day,


Monday, February 23, 2015

ASOS sale favorites

Hey everyone,

ASOS is an online fashion store that sells trendy clothes. You can always find something cute and in your price range. Like a cute gift for your friend, a beautful evening gown etc. It's one of my top sites where I buy my clothes. Today I wanted to share a few sale items from ASOS that I love very much and I hope you like them too. Enjoy! 

Dresses are very girly and easy to wear and to accessorize. With a cute necklace, slippers and bracelet you are ready to go out. I love to wear them, but here in the Netherlands it's often cold outside so it's not really weather for wearing these cute summer dresses. But when it is finally summer I do have to have a few dresses in my closet of course... This is a dress from Free People in burgundy. It's a nice color and I like the brand too. It's not that you immediately see where the dress comes. It's 87 euros. 

Lace is something I like to wear very much during the whole year. It looks always nice and even with a pair of simple denim jeans you look like you made afford to look good but not too much. This lace shirt is from the Danish fashion brand Vero Moda. It sells a lot of trendy clothes and it's very popular here, it's one of my favorite brands and you can see that when you open my closet.. The shirts cost 13,50 euros. 

Sunglasses are a must have for me when the sun gets brighter and the weather gets warmer. It's important to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sunlight, but also to prevent getting wrinkles! Pink is besides red my favorite color. This pair of sunglasses look very cute and are from the brand Quay which I never heard of. I always look for the more classic ones and this time I thought why not buy a pair of sunglasses in pink. (well, they are still on my wish list but hope have them soon! It's 14 euros.

Wilfox heart patch sweater

This sweater is very cute, I love the heart elbow patches very much and that the sweater is a little bit see trough so perfect for Spring weather. It's nice in combination with a short, how she wears it and with a long necklace. It looks also good with a pair of leggings or jeans and from the brand Wildfox. They also have very cute pyjamas.(so expensive) It's 118 euros.

I hope you like them.
Have a lovely day,


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Personal update || Life #2

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far?! This week was very exciting for me. I had my first driving lesson! Well, I havo to say I was a little bit nervous before. But I really liked it! I was aloud to drive and and navigate and give gas and push the brake. I read reviews online from people who also had their first driving lesson but they weren't aloud to do all these things. It was very fun, also because I drove in the Mini in red(my fav color). First I drove thirty where sixty was aloud, after a while I hit the gas and everytime I did that the instructor flew in his chair.... He was very relaxed and it made me feel relaxed too. Here in Holland you're aloud to taking lessons when you're sixteen and a half. When I was at that age I didn't want to take driving lessons. I just switched from school level, with new classmates and everything different. I was scared of things that weren't in my own hands. Do you sometimes have that too? And I think it also was because I wanted to stay a teenager for ever and not grow up. Time goes so fast, but now I've excepted it and it actually is very fun to do something new besides going to school. 

This week I had a my profile presentation and everyone from my class was really nervous. We had a geography lesson that day and the teacher asked if we all did the homework but actually no one had it. We were all really learning and practicing the presentation. It's a big thing, you work for it for more than a year and you want everything to go well. Also parents were aloud to come and afterwards there was a party/meeting. Mine went pretty well and I hope it's a good note after all that week I put into it. So glad it's over!! Now it's holiday for me, yeah!!! There is a movie that I want to see because like almost everyone already saw it and the reviews were very good. It's the fifty shades of grey movie. I'm pretty sure you know it. It's with a lot of romantic(you know what I mean;) in it, but seems nice to watch with friend in the cinema. Oh, today I went with my mom to a small town called Sassenheim and there is a very big store. Like a Walmart but smaller and they had all the Opi and Ciate nail polish for four euro. But I only bought a dark red Opi nail polish which I needed to complete my collection.(big collector)

This weeks life lesson I've learned is:
*It's scary to grow up, maybe you don't want to yet. But you will grow up as time passes, so just accept it and make it the best time of your life! 

Do you have any exciting things planned? 
Have lovely day,


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Personal update || Life

Hey everyone,

It's my favorite day of the week again, Friday. Even tough it's Friday the 13th my day went pretty well. I had school till three and had dinner with some friends. (Really nice pasta mm) Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day!! At school you are able to send someone a rose to show you care about them. It's so cute, I gave my best friend one. In all the years I am in high school I've never had a rose before. And everytime I hope that this mystery guy sends me one, but reality is different. Maybe next year. 


Right now I'm laying in between all my clothes because I've wanted to sort and reorganize my closet. You really have to have those cleaning up moods, otherwise you will keep everything and not wear them. (So me) And I'm looking at all my clothes, thinking that I actually have a it of a clothing crisis if I throw everything away what I don't wear. Do you recognize that?  I just looks nice to have all these clothes hanging in my closet. Maybe that's why my mom says I have enough.. Abercrombie has a lot of cute clothes. Now they have more promotions and sales than before because the company isn't going very well. They have to, otherwise no one is going to buy something. I only buy something when it's really cheap, like with 70% off or something. Who buys jeans for 88 euros? It'sSure you heard that on the news sometime. So yeah, that's my Friday night basically today. 

I'm really looking forward to Spring break next week, just really no homework, spending more time with family and friends and I'm going to Maastricht!! :) Love that City so much. I have to go there at least 2 times a year. They have really delicous waffles(not just because the food, well maybe) and a lot of cute clothing stores which is very handy right now with my clothing crisis. If you are looking for a fun city trip than you should also go see this place! 

This weeks life lesson I've learned is:
*It's ok to buy clothes for the next season, but when you actually have to wear them you don't like them anymore

Have a lovely day,


Monday, February 9, 2015

Currently loving #1

Hey everyone, 

How was your weekend? They alsways go by so fast! Today I have a german exam and I had to study around 300 words. At my school you can choose a test from your recent test week and you can do it again for a better grade. My whole class scored on average a 1 for the words because they are so difficult and I find it very hard to remember them all. But yeah, there are worse things. I think after my test I will go shopping with my friend because I saw very cute shoes and I have to have them. No, really......

Today I want to share with you some very cute pictures I found on Wehearit. I love this site so much because they have so many good pictures and there isn't a day that I don't look on it. And also I want share with you my favorite tv show, my favorite nail polishes and a song I really like. Enjoy! 

I think it's time that summer arrives here in the Netherlands. It's almost the whole year Autumn. But when summer arrives people enjoy it even more. Getting a tan, surfing on the beach, having bonfires. Such good times to make memories and dreams come true! 

Love the outfits very much! They would look very cute with some accessories like a pair of slippers, necklace and earrings. Especially the black short with pink roses looks nice. 

Ohh, so adorable!! Would love to have a puppy when I'm older. At this point, my mom doesn't want a dog at home. Because when I had a few fish and they were dead after a few days she thought it wasn't really a good idea to have dog. (Well, she has a point. But I didn't know my brother already gave the fish food and they overeat) 

I love this hair piece! It looks very girly and classic.

A tv show I watch on Netflix a lot is called life unexpected. It's not really a serie like pretty little liars but more like the fosters. It's a bout a girl Lux who finds out about her real birth parents. She struggles a lot with all her fosters homes and she starts living with her birth parents and all kinds of unexpected things happen during the episodes. I'm now watching episode 6 from season. It's a great serie if you just come home from a busy day and want to relax. You really see a lot of things that can happen in real life too, that makes the show good to watch. Really recommend it! 

You can say I'm a pretty big nailpolish collector. I think I've collected more than 50 polishes last year. A lot of them were gifts, really cheap ones or just some I bought for myself. My favorite brands are Opi and Ciate. The quality is really good and they have a lot of beautiful shades. I have one that like a confetti color. When you put it on your nails it looks like confetti, pretty cool! In the picture you can see my two favorite nail polishes that I use a lot from the brand Ciate.(the bow is so cute!) 

I really thought I had to share this song with you because it's kind of stuck in my head all day at the moment. Hope you love it too! 

I hope you like my favorites!
Have a lovely day,


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Runway fashion: Shirtdresses

Hey everyone,

A new fashion trend that you'll see a lot this Spring 2015 are shirt dresses. The runway was full with models wearing this classic item in many different fabrics and colors. Designers like Dior and Nina Ricci showed that the shirt dress is preppy, classic and can be combined with many different outfits and styles. 

I love shirt dresses and I think I'll wear one this Spring because they look nice and it's easy to combine. It doesn't matter which clothing style you have, because you can adjust it to your style with choosing a cool fabric or with the right accessories. I would wear a cute and classic shirtdress with some sandals, a cute necklace, flats and lipgloss. 

The first dress is from Tory Burch, second from Altuzarra and the last one is from DVF. (My Favorite one, love pastel colors)

From Voque, Tory Burch, Style

Thank you for reading!
What do you think about this trend?

Have a lovely day,


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