Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shopping haul: Beauty products

Hey everyone,

This week I've been shopping a little bit because once in a while it's good to give yourself something. I always love to go shopping(I think almost everybody does) and it gives you a happy feeling. Brands that I love very much are Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Because they aren't doing very well, if you haven't heard it they closed almost all they Gilly Hicks stores. In the US it's a lot cheaper and they have different items than in Europe so I kind of understand why it's not going well. But they now have more items on sale and sometimes they even have items that are really really cheap. I went shopping with a friend in a drug store and I bought two items from L'oreal. You got the second product free. (yes, I know I'm really a bargain hunter) I thought it would be fun to share with you in a shopping haul my beauty productsof this week. 

The are my Abercrombie & Fitch body mist and shower gel.
I was looking on their website and I saw they were both €3 each and without any shipping costs. So I bought them immediately and I use the body mist everyday now. For me the mist is even better than a perfume, a mist fuller. In this bottle is 250 ml and when you buy a perfume it's way less. The shower gel also smells really nice. That bottle has 236 ml. They are from the green series, the Westgate Prep. I really recommend them because they are really nice and also a nice gift for your friend or a for a birthday or something.

I also bought an eyeliner from L'oreal Paris. It's called the Super Liner Blackbuster. I was looking for a good and easy eyeliner for a while now and since I'm not really a person who really takes the time for it I found this one. I heard that it's really easy to apply because the pen is great. I bought it for 13 euros. I also got the eyeshadow from L'oreal. The color is called Infaillible. I really like it, the color is nice and looks cute in combination with the eyeliner. 

Well, I hoped you liked my shopping haul!! 
What is your fav beauty product?

Enjoy your weekend,


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Friday, October 17, 2014

My 17th birthday wish list

Hey everyone,

Today my one week holiday finally started!! I was really looking forward to it. But it's not going to be a holiday where I can relax and just do things I enjoy. I have to learn a lot because my test week is coming closer. I'm now in my final exam year and it's really important to get good grades of course. Next week I have a birthday party of one of my friends, which will be very fun! Oh, and also my birthday is coming up. Time goes so fast guys, I'm turning 17 on the 23th of November. I wish I could be 16 forever. But birthdays are always fun, last year I went to a dance performance in the theater from a famous choreographer Isabelle Beernaert from Belgium. She's great and makes really beautiful dances. She's also on the tv program so you think you can dance. Which I love to watch. This year she also has a performance and I think I'll go see it again.

Maybe it's a little bit early to already make a wish list for my birthday, but I'm a person who loves making lists for almost everything because it makes your head more organized. So I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my wish list for my 17th birthday and you can get some inspiration for yours too! 

1. The first thing I really want to have is an infinity ring. They are so cute and I think the meaning of it is really nice. If you love to have them you can click on the images, they will redirect you. 

Click on the image to go to the website 

2. Another thing that I also really love to have is a Bobbi Brown Lipstick in the rich lip color. Now I often wear lip glosses but it's nice to have a different look once in a while. And because I had a lipgloss from Bobbi Brown but my mom finished mine. 

Click on the image to go to the website
3. A cute comfy sweater. In the Netherlands it's most of the time cold. And it's perfect weather for comfy warm sweaters now. So I thought I would ask a sweater.

Click on the image to go to the website

These were my three big wishes for my 17th birthday.

When is your birthday?
Have a lovely day,


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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Current obsession: Swarovski crystal bears

Hey everyone,

There is one thing that I am obsessed with since a few weeks now. I'm talking about my Swarovski crystal bears!! They are so cute and tiny and you have a very big collection of them. Not only with bears but also with others animals and figures. 

Before I always collected a lot of nail polish but I never used all of them and I had to throw them away which was very sorry. But with these crystal elements you don't have that. I now have five small bears from the same collection. I don't really know the name of it. It started when I was on vacation and we went to our home in Italy and my father showed me a few of the elements he received from company. I loved them and I took them all!! :) The first one I got was also my fav, it's the one with the skies. It's soo cute!! If you want to take a look on the website of Swarovski you can take a look here

I hope you liked them!
What is your current obsession?

Have a lovely day,

Isabella ♥
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Reasons to love fall

Hey everyone,

How is your weekend? We're allready a few weeks into the fall season. I love fall, you have chilly nights so you have to dress up in layers, you can light on some candles and make it all cozy and there are festivals and not to forget Halloween. Besides these reasons I want to share with you a few more why you should love fall too!! 

The fall season is always so beautiful. In my village it's unfortunately not with all the beautiful colors and trees. But around the world there are definitely places where it's very nice. Like in these pictures. The fall season is the season where you see the change of the nature the best. The colors of the leafs change slowly and at one point they fall off. Because it's all for a certain period of time you should go and enjoy it! I wish I had a dog so I had an excuse and I could walk with him trough the forest and just enjoy how beautiful it is! 

When it becomes dark outside you can light on some candles and make yourself all cozy under your fav fluffy blanket. I still want to buy some candles with a smell so it makes my room more cozy. A place where I always buy them are at the Zara Home store. They have really good ones and they smell very nice!

You can finally wear your new sweaters! You can combine them with a pair of jeans, a cute dress or your favorite skirt. When it's the end of summer(well sometimes in the middle of the summer) I go looking  for some of my winter sweaters from last year. Than I really get the autumn feeling and I want it to be cold soon. (it's also a very good excuse to go on a big shopping trip!)

What another reason is to love fall is that all the new tv series have already started. A serie that I love to watch is New Girl. When it's cold and rainy outside I just grab a cup of tea and watch it. Or if you don't watch series that often it's also nice to have a movie night with friends at home. 

And of course not to forget Halloween! Every year I always have the tradition to like do a DIY pumpkin challenge. Last year I sprayed it with a chevron pattern which was very fun to do. This year I think I'm going with the traditional carving thing. It always looks very nice at home.

Well, these were all my reasons to love fall. I hope you liked them! All the picture are from Wehearit unless source is below. I do not own any credit.

Do you love fall?

Have a lovely day,


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Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn must have || Cute fall ankle booties

Hey everone,

How is your day? Today was a very busy day for me. I had school till four and now I'm quite tired. But I'm already looking forward to Holland's Next Top Model. It's every Monday evening and it's really something I enjoy with a cup of tea and a cookie. Because it's fall and it's the season of drinking hot chocolate, having sleepovers with your friends and dressing in your new fall outfits. I find it always difficult to transform your wardrobe from summer to fall. But it's more easy if you start with the basics. Like a pair a good skinny jeans, some tops and also good shoes. I wanted to share with you a few cute fall ankle booties you can wear in combination with almost anything. They looks always cute!! 

Here a some cute and comfy fall ankle booties.

Cute fall ankle booties

UGG Australia mary jane

Brown suede booties

Timberland lace up bootie
$145 -

Charlotte Russe short boots

Charlotte Russe short boots

What is your favorite bootie?

Have a lovely day,

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

List of things to blog about

Hey everyone,

Today and tomorrow I have no school!! Yeahh!! In the Netherlands 2 and 3 October are days to celebrate the city Leiden. I don't really know the complete story behind the celebration, but on these days everybody that lives in Leiden goes to the center and enjoys themselves with fun things to do there. 

I thought it would be a nice idea to make a list with some blog post ideas, because I know a lot of the bloggers out there(including me)sometimes need a little inspiration to keep going.
Blog post ideas

* The trends for upcoming season
* Your favorite clothing items of this month
* Things you would never have in your closet
* Must have clothing items
* How to combine...
* What to wear with...
* Do and don'ts when wearing...
* Tips to rock this outfit
* What to wear to...
* Favorite items of(name brand)
* How to dress like(name person)
* Guide to finding the perfect jeans
* OOTD inspiration
* Clothes wish list
* Shopping haul
* Share your favorite fashion pics from Pinterest
* Make an expensive outfit cheap(look a like)
* How do you keep your clothes organized 
* Things every girl should have in her closet
* Fashion shows
* How to dress for a particular body type
* A shopping tip(where you shop, fav place)

* Must have beauty products for this season
* Review on a beauty product
* Best (lipgloss, eyeliner etc.) to buy
* Share the makeup trends that are hot right now
* Share your daily makeup look(maybe with a tutorial)
* A morning routine
* How to keep your skin strong 
* Cute nail polish patterns you should try
* Makeup hacks
* Products you should never buy
* How to apply.... 
* How to get(shiny hair, white teeth)
* Your makeup look for(party, formal event)
* Best/worst .... products
* Makeup haul
* How to organize your make up
* Celebrity inspired look
* Before & after
* Make up challenge
* Share you own makeup collection
* What beauty product you can't live without
* Your favorite beauty brand
* Top 10 perfumes of all time

* How to live a healthy lifestyle
* ... Movies to watch this month
* Funny pictures to make you smile
* Share your thoughts on a topic you're interested in 
* DIY projects for this weekend
* A peek into your life
* A week in photos 
* Your goals for this month
* Things that are ok(it's ok to...)
* The happy songlist
* Top ... websites
* Why autumn my favorite time of the year
* Autumn bucket list
* The cutest animal gifs
* How to do a squat
* ...Things you didn't know about(name person)
* Birthday wish list
* Poll
* About me tag
* What's on my phone
* Share your favorite music video
* Things you want to try
* Fun things to do in....(name place)
* Funny moments in your life
* Give advice about things you have experienced 
* Share your recipe+ how to 

Have a lovely day,


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Animal print || Always be in style

Hey everyone,

This fall wearing clothes with bold patterns and colors are really trendy. And I have to say, I've never really been a big fan of it. I would describe my style more conservative and classy. But after seeing the bold animal prints on runway shows from DKNY and Burberry I have to say it looks very nice actually. If these famous designers are making them you can really speak of a trend. It's also one of the trends that come back every year with different looks. 

Animal prints are really easy to combine. You can add your personal touch to it. If you don't like to make it to over top than you can wear a pair of skinny jeans in combination with an animal printed shirt and your almost ready to go. If you like to make it more bold and you want to stand out you could wear an animal printed dress for a formal event, or an animal printed legging with a cute top for the weekend. 

animal print

Leopard print romper
$63 -

Nordstrom Rack Cozee Slipper

Betsey Johnson bracelet watch

Eugenia Kim grey beret
$260 -

Kate Spade loop scarve

John Lewis faux fur trapper hat
$36 -
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What do you think of this trend?
Have a lovely day,

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday inspirational quote: #1 Follow your dreams

Hey everyone,

Did you all have had a good weekend? I had a great weekend, but it always goes by so quickly. When you know it, it's already Monday. Every tuesday I'll choose my favorite quote of the day and share with you my thoughts on and maybe some tips to encourage you.


My quote of today is Do Your Dream. Since I've been in high school, that's now for about five years I've heard a lot of my classmates and teachers say that if something is too difficult you can't go it. I think it's the biggest mistake you can say. In life nothing comes for free, if you want something you have to work for it. And sometimes the things you want to be, make or become are difficult. But if you really want something you have to follow your dream and believe in yourself. 

I'm now in my graduation year and this year you have to choose if you want to go to college and do a study you like. Or you have the possibility to do 2 years extra and afterwords go to the University. So my teacher said that I shouldn't do the 2 extra years and go study. But if something is difficult and you really want it. You can do it! :) 

Some tips to not only dream your dream

1. Thinking positive is really important to feel great. It's connected to so many other things in life. Like how you feel about yourself, the things you do, the thoughts you have and so on. If you are positive, you can do so much more.
2. This thing is very fun. You can make a dream book where you draw your fantasy/amazing lifestyle and think about how you can make it happen in real life. I've never done if before but it sounds like fun. If you already keep a journal it's also great to draw it in there of course.
3. If you want to be for example a successful entrepreneur, you have to start somewhere. But in the beginning you always make mistakes(or you are just really intelligent). To be successful you have to learn from your mistakes. It's like a toddler tries to walk for the first time but falls and stands up. And eventually he can walk. 
4. Ask yourself questions about what you love to do. What makes you you. Every person has something unique they can do. Maybe you're a great writer but haven't discovered it yet. 

This was my quote of today. I hope you liked it! 
What is your dream in life? 

Thank you for reading my blog post. 

Have a lovely day,


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