Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer is coming to an end

Hey everyone,

I can't believe it's already the end of August! It feels like the time goes faster every year and you can't slow it down. Monday is my first day of high school as a senior! Maybe you have read my other blog post about my high school graduation, you probably don't quite understand it. But I'm continuing with my pre-university levels now. 


This summer was very cliche but true the best summer ever! There were a lot of exciting things that happened and a few of that I never thought would do but ended to be a lot of fun. Just back from Rome, my birth city and it was a great trip. If you haven't visited Rome yet, you should really do it. Everywhere you walk you see beautiful old buildings, ancient cities and of course delicious food! This was really a family trip and I have to say, after this I've become even closer to them. Also Montpellier was a trip I will never forget. I was on a language camp with lessons at an international French language school, which was amazing. You learn so much more than just French. 

Some pics of Rome

With Pinokkio

With my Chihuahua Jo

Not the best picture haha ;)

Favorites during my summer break were:

-Watching Summerbreak Season 3 on Youtube 
It's so much fun to watch, and I've followed it since the first season. A group of teenagers that just finished high school or are seniors are filmed while going on trips together and talking, with drama etc.. :) 

-Eating suppli's
While I was in Rome I ate besides pizza and icecream(also other things haha) suppli's. They look like a kroket but with rice, tomato, mozzarella and vegetables insides. SO DELICIOUS!

-Discovered a new clothing brand
In montpellier I went to a big shopping mall where they had many stores like Zara, Pull&Bear and also this brand called Stradivarius. It's the sister of the Zara and I've never heard of it before. When I was inside the store they had many cute things... 


Summer playlist:

-El Mismo Sol
-Feder, Goodbye
-El Salvador
-Are you with me
-Lo ti aspetto
-Ain't nobody
-Holiday, feat. Akon
-Five more hours
-Sun is shining
-Come and get it
-Fade out lines
-Staring at the Sun

I hope you enjoyed my blog post. I want to wish you a very good summer holiday and a good start of your new school year! 
Have a  great day, 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Language camp to Montpellier

Hey everyone,

I am just back home from my amazing language camp to Montpellier!! It was really a week I will never forget and did a lot of exciting things there and made international friends.I would love to share my experience with you and maybe inspire you to also go to this city! 

For a long time I was planning to go on a language camp to Brighton, a city in the UK with a beach and basically a place where you can do everything. That idea got stuck in my head and when I heard my friend also wanted to go I almost made the decision to book it. But I waited to really be sure and saw another language camp in Montpellier, a city in the South of France close to the beach and is a famous university city. When I saw that I was sold and wanted to go there really bad. The weather is really nice and warm and I love the atmosphere there, like sort of Italian and Spanish culture that you don't have in Holland. So we finally booked it and two weeks later I was on my way to Montpellier! 

It was by bus for like 18 hours, but it didn't really feel like it was that long because we made a few stops and I slept almost the whole time haha.. It's a Dutch travel organisation for youth people where I booked my trip and you go with other teens from across Holland by bus to Montpellier and you get eve thing included, like meals, your room, activities, tram and the language courses. When we arrived there it was kind of awkward because the minute we stepped out of the bus everybody was really tired and hungry. We sad down to eat some breakfast and nobody said something because they were so tired.. But it got better soon and the group was really nice. The residence where we stayed was for international students who study in Montpellier, like a college dorm with a desk, kitchen and bthe la course.  After breakfast we went for a short city tour around Montpellier and I never thought it looked like this. The city was really beautiful and we saw the Arc the Triomf and the view was really pretty too! 

The next day we went to the beach in Montpellier. It was first half an hour by tram and and on the highway by bus. We saw pink flamingos there, and they were so cute! I have never seen them in real life and it was pretty cool! When we arrived at the beach is was way bigger than I expected. The water was great and you could actually swim with no jellyfish and we stayed the whole day in the water. There was also a cute guy in our group who asked me to play beach tennis, that was so cute of him. I never really talk a lot with guys because I'm pretty shy around them, even though I love to. So we played tennis and laughed and had a good time!


After the beach we went in the evening disco skating, yeah skating with 40 degrees! My parents thought I was joking but it was really true and a lot fun! There was really loud music and disco lights everywhere and I haven't skated in quite a while so we all had a great time again haha! The next day of our weekend we went to place de la comedie in Montpellier city, the famous place where you have a lot of restaurants, cafes, the cinema basically where the night life starts. We went to visit a museum and to the shopping center Polygone, just around the corner of place de la comedie. The shopping center was great and I bought a lot of cute things at the Zara and Gap and of course the warehouse Lafayette! If you want to visit Montpellier, you defenitely should go to that shop, it has everything! In the evening we went with the group to eat some dinner and later to the cinema and watched the movie Pitch Perfect 2. I saw the trailer and really wanted to see the movie and we did. I didn't think it was as good as the first one but loved the songs very much. Especially the song called Flashlight was very good and listened afterwards on repeat.. ;) Overall it was a funny movie and good to relax. 

After the weekend the language courses started early on Monday morning till Friday morning. Before my trip I really didn't like to speak French that much at all. It was more just for fun because I did it for the city with beach and culture. But after my first lesson I started to really enjoy listening to the teacher actually speaking real French and communicating in French the whole time. I got learn many people on the International Language School(LSF), like a girl from Switserland and a girl from Canada! :) It's around 20 minutes to walk from the residence to the school, but you see a lot of the city. Right now they are building a new tram line though Montpellier city for a little bit sightseeing for tourists. You walk across cute typical French bookstores, cafes and beautiful buildings. The arc de Triomf was actually actually just across the language school. After the lessons we went another 2 times to the beach because everybody enjoyed it very much. Just swimming there in the sea felt like you were really away from everything and it felt like a real holiday to me. 

One day after the lessons a girl from my group wanted to go buy some cute things in the big shopping center Odysseum. Nobody wanted to go with her, so I said why not. We walked from the residence to the Place de la Comedie and from there took the tram to the Odysseum. They have almost everything there, like the Zara, Mango, Stradivarius(bought a lot there, so niceee) and Pull and Bear. And a lot of restaurants where you can eat like a panini for two euros! Stradivarius is the brand where I bought a lot of things, it's the sister of the Zara but a little bit cheaper and for young adults like me haha. I bought a few cute tops, a black dress, jumpsuit and blouse. 

In between we had spare time to do whatever we wanted to we went to the city to enjoy some crepes of course and they were really delicous! There was in a street close to Place de la Comedie a macarons shop and they looked so colorful and cute but I don't really like, to eat them.. Have you ever eaten macarons? Going to the supermarket there was also fun because you have a lot more than in Holland and even a banana tastes better. I also went to a magazine shop where I bought the Biba, it's a typical French magazine and Marie Claire and more. On Friday evening we went out for dinner with the whole group and afterwards went to the Festival of Montpellier. With al sorts of things to try and with loud music was it very fun! 

The last day before we stepped in the bus to go home, we went to the Hamam. It's a spa and wellness center where you can totally relax and scrub, do your nails like everything. I really recommend it because you feel so much better and relaxed afterwards! During my trip here I've definitely learned to be more independent, because my mother wasn't around everytime I needed something. But also feeling more grown up that you went by yourself without your family and still enjoy yourself. Like a feeling you can do everything from now. I believe that if you want to find your though self you have to travel, because you will discover a different side of yourself! ;) I hope you enjoyed my post and if you're still not sure wether to go or not on a language camp you should really go. It might be a little scary first but it's really an investment, you learn a lot and have a really great time! 

Have you ever been to Montpellier? 
Have a lovely day,


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June Favorites 2015

Hey everyone,

There are a lot of excting things that happened last month. June was the month of travelling, fashion, making important decisions and the start of a long well earned summer holiday. Moments I will never forget are my gradution trip to Rome with a friend, which was really my highlight and made me conquer my fear of going by plane alone. (If you really want to do something, you will make it) During my trip I saw so many stores where they sold the Italian shoe brand Superga for like half price and of course many more nice fashion stores. But here in the Netherlands, I also went shopping for a little bit and I would love to share my items with you and tell me what you think about them. Another moment that stays in my memory forever was the moment, well the day I had to be called to hear if you are graduated. That was so scary, but afterwards I was very relieved and my holiday finally started! 

Here are my monthly favorites of 2015 that I would love to share with you and I hope you like them, enjoy!!

First some fashion favorites

These are the sunglasses that I bought in a store in my neighborhood for just ten euros. They are from the brand called Mango, it's a Spanish brand and you could compare it to the Zara and Pull & Bear. I love the pattern and the shape of it. And they gave a cute bag to put them in with a floral glass cleaner.  

This is the Hollister shirt that I bought when I was on vacation in Rome in the Hollister store. They didn't have the discount yet, but couldn't wait till then so I had to buy this shirt! It's sort of bohemian and classic in one and you can easily wear it on a pair of denim jeans or white jeans. They have many shirts in this style and fit in a lot of different colors too. 

This top is from Hollister too and is my absolute fav one for this summer! It's a floral crop top and is very comfy and good for really hot summer days.(like today here in Holland, it's 35 degrees!!) 

This top is from Abercrombie and I bought it at their webshop. It's a pink floral top and the back is with crossed straps. It's very cute for summer it thought and I always love to buy these kind of tops because it looks always nice and happy. 

This nail polish is from Collistar and is in light blue with glitters. Collistar is one of my favorite nailplosih brands so far because they have nice colors and good quality. It's stays for a very long time. And my eyemask is also a favorite of the month. I love to make it warm when I'm tired or cold and when I lay in my bath and make it cold it's very relaxing. You should do it too! 

I know that almost everybody has seen this movie, but I really wanted to share it with you. I watched it last week, I know that's pretty late. One day I thought why don't I watch the movie today, with some popcorn in my bed and on a free streaming website. Life couldn't get any better.. :) During the movie I was really into the characters and some scenes were really, yeah as what you couldn't expect.. ;) But I loved the whole film and Jamie Dornan is also so cute!! I hope he and Dakota Johnson do another movie together! 

Fav quote

My Favorite quote of June 2015 was this one above that says don't worry be happy. It's a funny quote but with an important meaning. It kind of reminded me that everything is what it is and that worrying about stuff isn't going to help. So just be happy!! 

I hope you liked my June favorites! 
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What are your favorites of the month? 

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, June 20, 2015

What to wear: Graduation

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all having a good Saturday morning! It's already a week ago that I heard I was finally graduated from high school and this week I had my graduation ceremony with a very fun party afterwards. But finding something to wear for this memorable event was quite difficult.. I knew that the guys would were a black suit and the girls would where dresses with glitter and high heels. I'm not really that type so I looked for a simple black dress that I could accesorize with cute bracelets, flats and hair pieces. And luckily I found my perfect outfit!

This brought me to an idea to share with you some cute graduation party outfits from the cute brand Lulu's that you could wear and look amazing in. So here they are, let's start.

Dresses: are not a part of my closet yet.. I know how can a girl not have dresses!? Well, I have one black dress I bought for this event but that's it. Maybe it's because I'm very picky and the dresses have to fit well. I think the way to look good is to not take it over the top and make it too much. Like dresses with too much glitter in their outfit or a dress that too long or short doesn't make it look better. To inspire you(also a little bit myself haha), I found some very cute dresses. 

Dee Elle At Ease Chartreuse Skater Dress                                                       from:

Sweet Dreams Ivory Lace Dress 

Purple dress:   in combination w
it the purple dress you could wear
some cute beige flats that make 
your outfit classy but also festive.

Navy floral dress: yto add some
extra color and fun you could
wear pink flats. Looks cute and 

Ivory lace dress: any color and 
sort shoes could be in combination.
But these coral flats are nice to wear. 

Shoes and accessories:  that you could wear in combination with dresses can be very simple if your dress is already with color and prints.    

Yellow dress:  You could wear some white espadrilles if you want to stay comfortable. They looks always stylish and in combination with the yellow dress make your outfit complete.

Frame to Please Blush Pink Pointed Ankle Strap
Fox and the Round Hot Pink Ballet Flat

Stroll Along Beige Peep Toe Flats
Mist Connections Ivory Espadrille Flats

Now you have your shoes and dress you can start experimenting with how you want your makeup to look(a natural look is almost always the best to do), what you do with your hair. Do you want a braid, or a cute hair piece or only straighten it. A tip for you(i've experienced it haha) to not try new makeup tricks and looks the day itself. This will make it a lot easier..

Pick some of your favorite jewelry pieces to make your outfit stand out but still like it's your style. Statement necklaces are very good and stand out. and finally dress to impress and have FUN!! :) 

I hope you like my post, what is your favorite dress?

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm officially a high school graduate!

Hey everyone,

I hope you're having a good Saturday morning!? I'm very very happy because after all those years of learning words, reading books and studying for tests I finally have my high school diploma!! Yeahhhh!! 

During my finals I had to take my math test, but afterwards I had a really bad feeling. I checked my answers online and had almost everything wrong. So I immediately started learning for my second chance test and was really feeling sad because I knew that I couldn't make it anymore in one time. But already two days ago was the day that you were called between four and five if you're not graduated and late if you are. So I was outside the whole time and my mom was waiting anxiously besides the phone. Than it was half five and than five to five. And I thought omg they can't call me now. And they didn't, my mentor called me later and I was soo happy and relieved!! We also had a barbecue at school which was the second last time we all see each other before the holiday officially starts.



In Holland it's a tradition when you are graduated you hang a flag with an old school bag on your wall so everybody sees it.. :)
I got a very cute graduate present from Pandora, it's an graduate owl so you can always remember the time later. 

If you are graduated to I want to congratulate you of course, or if you still have to make any test good luck! 

Have a lovely day,


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trip to Rome experience + must visits

Hey everyone,

I just got back from trip to Rome and the time flies really! After my last exam last week my mom had an idea that I could go on my own to Rome and stay there a few days with my father. If you didn't know it already, my father is Italian and lives in Rome so it's very easy for me to spend there some time and spend more time with him. I've already visited Rome every summer, but it's still my favorite place to go to. 

My experience

And so I was already packing my bags for my holiday, for the first time on my own! Well, I have to say I was kind of nervous on going by plane all by myself. All the other times I was with my parents and it's different because you let them do all the work... ahah Now I had to figure it out all on my own. It was also sort of a milestone for me, and feel like I'm growing up more and more which also scares my in some way. And I made it! But so I was packing my bag with all my favorite beach clothes I could finally wear and some magazines and not to forget some fav new movies I downloaded. (The wedding planner is still a classic) As a surprise everything fitted in my backpack and another handbag. 

My flight was very early in the morning and when I arrived I felt really tired but excited to spent my days in Italy, where the life takes place outside! I saw my father waving at me and I ran towards him and we immediately went to this big supermarket because teens are always hungry you know called Panorama(almost a shopping mall), where they sell delicous fresh food and also clothes and home decor. I enjoyed that very much. They had fresh fish and you saw the prepared it for you, also pizza(focaccia is so yummy....), when you're in Italy you have to try that. It's bread pizza with olive oil and salt. 

Tiny bananas 

After going to the supermarket we went home and my father had to work, so I stayed home a little bit and enjoyed the view from my balcony and relaxed in the sun. I think he evening we went to the center of Rome for walk and a shopping tour. They have so many cute things that you don't know where to start. I'll show you some of the things I bought. We also went to a shopping mall just outside of Rome, it's an outlet where if you're in the sale time you can buy items outlet price plus again with discount. So I bought some cool things. One shop was a Woolrich outlet, where I bought a sweater, a scarf and shorts. The next day my farther had a surprise for me. In Italy it's not like in the Netherlands well organized that you can bring your dog to a shelter when you don't want it anymore. My father found a very tiny chihuahua on the highway and he couldn't let it sit there so he brought him home. Now he lives there and it's so cute. I have always wanted a dog and we called him Jo. I walked with him in the center of Rome and in the dog park. I never realized that you could meet new people so easily when having a dog. So take a dog when you want to socialize! :) The first time I held him he licked met everywhere and I was screaming and my father was laughing really hard.. So yeah, that was the dog experience but very fun. 

Some thing I bought 

This is Jo, miss you soo

The next morning my father was the guide at a museum called Villa Farnesia in Rome. It was built during the Renaissance and with very beautiful paintings in the villa on every wall. It was in a part of Rome I never was before. I was very fun to see him talk all passionate about history(not my thing) but it was nice the hear the story behind the paintings. Because I did something for him, he said we were going to the beach in Fregene. That's a beach place in Rome. Feeling the sand between my toes was very nice and I ran into the water immediately. 

Other thing I did where for example standing on the highhest point of Rome, on Monte Mario where you could see whole Rome. That was really beautful. You could see all the churches and different old roman buildings and the forum romanum

What I love about Rome is not only the delicous food, but the language and the culture. As Italian is besides Dutch my second mother language it felt a little bit like home too and was sad to leave the city. I saw my grandparents after a year again and my cousins and uncles and it was very nice to see them. 

If you're planning to go to Rome or its on your bucketlist, here are some must do's when you're in Rome:

*Visit the pizzeria called Mister Pizza, it's the best and located in the center of Rome. I have been there many times and it still tastes delicous.
*Go to the Monte Mario where you can see whole Rome in front of you
*I you have never been to Rome before, than when you really want to see the Trevi fountain or other buildings you could do it in the evening when there are no tourists
*Camp dei Fiori is also a must visit and the Villa Farnesia to
*Villa dei Medici, was from a very rich Italian family who lived there many many years 

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Favorite jewelry pieces

Hey everyone,

I haven't been much around here lately because I have a very important period now, my final exams!! Practicing a thousand exercises, learning words and doing exam trainings were all part of my daily routine. Well, they still are. I'm very excited for the period after my finals, only if I make them well of course. Then I'll be going on a two week language holiday to Rome! It's something that I really look forward to and also gives me that extra motivation to learn to graduate. So yeah, that's kind of what I've been up to for the past few weeks. 

But besides all the learning I wanted to share with you my favorite jewelry pieces of all time. When I was little(12) my mom always said to me it would be cute if you would wear a ring, or a bracelet or something else. But I always refused to wear jewelry(omg) and I don't actually know why I didn't want that. But now I'm kind of collecting cute pieces of jewelry.. Some pieces are really important for me because my mom gave it to me or they were even from my grandparents and it's really special to have them. Here are my favorite jewelry pieces.


 1. This is a golden ring with a real small diamant which I got for my Sweet Sixteen birthday. I was looking for a gift that my parents could give me that kept the value but also was something that I didn't forget and has a meaning. Maybe you know the necklaces from Dogeared , if you don't know them they are necklaces with a meaning. You can buy a necklace with a heart and it gives you love. But I really wanted a ring so well I got the gold ring! It's really my favorite and Im really careful with it and almost wear it everyday. You can't really see it in the picture but it also has my name written inside and my birthday. 

2. This necklace was one that I bought online on Asos, my fav webshop online. They have so many nice things to buy that if I had a million dollars I would buy everything haha. The silver bow necklaceis from the Britisch brand Orelia and was 6 euro. I love to wear it in combination with another necklace and really makes your outfit complete and cute.

3. A silver Infinity bracelet which I also love very much is also one of my favorite jewelry pieces that I love to wear. I always wear it in combination with another blue pearled colored bracelet. It doesn't really have any important meaning for me, just a cute bracelet!

4. This ring was from my great grand mother and she, my grandmother and my mother(can you believe it) wore it. It's very special that I now also can wear it as number four in the family and the dark red pearl is very beautiful and also looks kind of like old but good old. 

5. My last fav jewelry pieces are my two rings from Ti Sento, an Italian jewelry brand that designs very classic and modern jewelry, like bracelets in combination with your ring(still on my wish list.;) and cute necklaces but not with real diamonds. For me they look real though because the material is often from real gold or silver. One ring is a silver ring with a bol on top and the other is a silver ring with a sof pink colored stone. I have to say that the pink one is my absolute favorite. 

I hope you liked my jewelry pieces!
Do you have any jewelry pieces with an important meaning?
I want to wish everybody a great week, 


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