Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fashion quotes I love

Hey everyone!!

I hope you all are enjoying your day so far!! I just went for a big walk to the beach with some friends. The weather is great here in the Netherlands!! We ate a delicious Italian ice cream and had a lot of fun! 

Because I really love fashion and quotes I thought it was a good idea to share with you my favorite fashion quotes. If you have other suggestions with your fav fashion quotes then I would love to hear it. I hope you like them!! 

Fashion quotes







What is your favorite fashion quote?

Isabel xo

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!!

Hey everyone!!

Well today it's Easter!! Yee!!! :) Since Friday most people are free and enjoying their long weekend till Monday. I still don't have any plans for today but I think I will relax a bit and do some fun things with my friends. 

I hope you guys have a good weekend and a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

What are your exciting plans for today?

Isabel xo

Big Spender Money Saver

Good morning everyone!!

There are always so much nice things to buy. I am a person who loves shopping with friends and when I see a good deal I usually buy it. But sometimes I don't really know anymore how much I spent and what I bought. Sometimes it's good to save first all the money you need to buy that dress or that phone you've always wanted. So afterwards you don't have to ask friends or family to borrow money.

You can save all your money in very cute "pigs". Here are some money saving jars and also ones that count the money when you put it in them. Isn't that great!? :)

Money saving jars

This saving jar is very cute. It's from the brand Riviera Maison which has a lot of nice things for your home. Really recommend it! It looks like a sort of combination between a mouse and a pig. ;) I don't really know what it looks like. But it looks good in your home on the kitchen table or also in your own bedroom. The text on it is Big Spender and that's also really nice. 

This coin saver is painted in sweet pink with cute brown hearts. It's a completely different look as the one before from Riviera Maison but still cute in another way. You can buy this one at bed and bath beyond online. 

This is probably one of the most expensive coin saving box from this list. It's an exclusive offer online at Liberty. It's the Kawaii Dream saver money box. It has an adorable glazed design. It's definitely my fav one!! 

These are coin banks are from the Urban Trend Collection. They are ceramic Owl banks and come in a set of 4 in different colors. They are available on the website Casa. These are also very cute and decorative in your home. 

This is a French Bulldog coin bank. It's looks really quirky and cute. It's ceramic and finished with a white glance. You can buy it on the site called zgallerie.

The last one is a Reed & Barton Classic Piggy Bank. It's silver-plated and very cute. It's also a perfect gift for anybody. You can buy it on the website of Bloomingdales.

I hope you liked them! 

Are you saving for something big this month?
Let me know in the comments below. I love to read them I always reply back!! :)

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Thanks for reading! 

Isabel xo

Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 Hot Graphic tees under €20

Hey everyone!! 

There are some basics there everyone should have in their closet. One of those basics are tees. Graphic tees are not only cute with a pair of jeans but also with a lot of other things. It looks also nice with a dress or with stylish yoga pants for a lazy look. With the right accessories you can completely make the look you want. 

I choose 10 hot graphic tees just under 20 euros. 

Graphic tees

The first graphic tee is from the brand Delias. The text says: I'm on your wish list. I think that's very cute and girly. And it's perfect for a day at the beach.

The next tee I choose has the text Jetsetter. It's a color block tee from Gap. Gap has a lot of preppy clothes. This tee it also good to wear on vacation.

The third tee is also from Delias. It's a purple crop top with long sleeves. The text with the long sleeves makes it really cute and shows a little of your belly which is also nice for the beach.

I really love the brand Delias so the next tee is also from this brand. :) It's a graphic tee with the text Roar on it from the song Roar from Katy Perry.

Haha!! The next tee is also from Delias;). The tee is very classy with the text love on it. Because the tee is in a basic color grey you can wear it with a lot of things.

The shirt on the left side is a navy graphic tee with long sleeves. It's from the brand Pull&Bear which I'm really a fan of. The t-shirt is handy for colder days and looks nice on a pair of skinny jeans with some sneakers.

This tee is has a very edgy look. It's from the brand Delias and the tiger in front of the tee is very nice. The crop length and the short sleeves make it really complete.

This orange tee is from Old Navy. It's from the San Francisco Giants team. It's great for a sporty look.

This tee is really my favorite one. The colors are very cheerful and the text is also very cute. And again from the lovely brand Delias.

The last one is from Old Navy. It's a white tee with the brand in front and the letters are designed in a cute pattern.
These were all the tees. I want to wish everybody a good weekend and happy Easter!!

Which tee is your fav?
Isabel xo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot or not: Crop tops for men

Hey everyone!

Who says that crop tops are only for women? This year the fashion runway shows of Calvin Klein and J.W Anderson showed a lot of belly's!

A lot of girls find the crop top ideal for the summer. And I also think it looks very cute and sexy for the beach! :) It looks cute under skinny jeans in comination with high heels or with some denim shorts. But who knew that crop tops for men could be the next big trend!?

Here are some pictures of male runway models wearing the crop tops and showing off their trained body.

This guy is looking hot in his Calvin Klein crop t-shirt.

And this guy looks good in his crop jacket.

My opinion
I don't really think it's the next big trend for men to wear crop t-shirts. It looks a little bit weird. It's more something that girls wear to the beach as a bikini cover up. But for the runway shows it's nice that they came up with something new.

Do you think crop tops for men are hot?

Thanks for reading!

Isabel xo

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cute Bikini's

Hey everyone!!

Spring has already started and the weather is getting better and better. Now it's the perfect time to look for a cute bikini to show off you body on the beach!! There are always so much nice bikinis that it's hard to choose which one to wear. But I picked out 8 bikinis in different colors, models and shapes for you. I hope you like them!!

Cute Spring Bikini's

The first bikini on the left above is a ruffle bikini from Madewell. What I love about the bikini is of course the ruffles the also the cute floral print on it. Floral prints always look so cheerful!

The next bikini is a pink bikini from the brand Hot Anatomy. It's available on I have never heard of this brand before but I think the bikini is very cute. The color is girly and the button detail in the front looks nice.

Next to the pink bikini is the yellow bikini from Lisa Marie Fernandez. It's a swimsuit bikini. I'm not really a big fan of yellow clothes but bikini is very nice. The bow in the front makes it a little more special.

The red bikini is from the same brand as the yellow one. From Lisa Marie Fernandez. It's a red ruffle bikini but a little more daring with the zipper in front.

Next is the mint color halter bikini from the brand PilyQ. I also have never heard of this brand before. It's a fresh color and I think it looks even better when you have a little more tan. The rhinestones on the bikini are very cute.

The blue dot bikini is from Mulberry. It's one the the more expensive ones. But the brand is really good and the quality is also very good. The halter neck and the dots make the bikini ready to wear!

The floral bikini is from We are handsome. It's a funny name. ;) The floral print makes it cute and the v cut out on the top makes it a little more edgy and daring. Lovee this one!!

The last but not least is the lila colored bikini from Heidi Klein. This is my favorite color. The bikini looks very cute and little details are also very nice.

Which bikini is your favorite one?

Isabel xo

Shopping tip: Baobella Boutique

Hey everyone!!

I recently found a very good makeup webshop that's called Baobella Boutique. It's an exclusive beauty flash sale shop with amazing discount on very popular brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline. They have new deals everyday and you can get up to 80% discount for a limited time! It's a perfect shop if you love beauty and you are a bargain hunter. 

This is one of today's great deals. It's the Clinique moisturize Surge cream. I thought this was the best deal of today. It has spf 30. I haven't tried it yet but online I've read very positive review about it. And it's one of InStyle's best beauty buys of 2014. 

What do you think of this website?
Isabel xo

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beauty review: Loreal Glam Shine lipgloss Reflection

Hey everyone!!

This is the first time that I use a beauty product from Loreal. I always use products from other brands like Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder etc. But this time I thought I wanted to try something from Loreal. I wanted to buy something for my lips because I literally always have dry lips. And I wear this lip gloss a lot now. It's very nice and pretty!

Product description 
I bought the lipgloss from Loreal Paris Glam Shine Reflection. It's the color sheer pink 171. It's 6 ml.
The lipgloss gives your lips more volume and a pretty sparkly shine on your lips. The hydrating formule of the lipgloss it not sticky and is easy to apply. The applicator is in a heart shape so it's easy for you to apply. And it gives your more gloss on your lips. Just one sweep on your lips is enough. The color of the lipgloss is a combination of red and pink but just a little more red in it.  It gives your lips a pretty shine with a pretty pink color. 

My opinion
I love this lipgloss a lot. The color is really cute and because it's spring it's makes your outfit a little bit more special and girly. Also the heart shape applicator is very useful. It's easy to apply. And something that's very important for a lipgloss, it's not sticky. Another plus point is that the lipgloss stays for a long time so you don't have to apply the lipgloss every 10 minutes. 

Well, there aren't many things what I don't love about this lipgloss. But when you remove your lipgloss a few sparkles still stay on your lips afterwards. And it looks a little bit strange if you don't like sparkles. And the price. Loreal product are not the cheapest.  But still it's not very expensive. I bought mine at a local beauty store for 10 euros. 

My rating
I think I would give this lipgloss a 4 out 5.

I do recommend this lipgloss because it's stays for a really long time, the color is nice and it's not sticky. :)

Have you already tried this lipgloss?

I hope this review was helpful. Stay beautiful!!
Isabel xo