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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Things that make me happy list

Hey everyone,

I thought it was a nice idea to make a list with all the things that make me happy and share them with you. I hope when you have a bad day or just don't feel like doing anything you will be happier after you read this list! 

Here is my The Things that make me happy list

1. When I come home from school I like to grab a snack and relax for a half an hour on my bed and watch some TV

2. When I wake up and hear the birds and look outside and see the sun in shining

3. When someone hugs me really tight 

4. When I have an exciting vacation planned! ")

5. When it's dark outside and the candles are on

6. When someone calls me with a cute nickname

7. When I dream something that I want to happen in real life

8. When I listen to my favorite music

9. When I go for a long walk with my friends

10. When my favorite clothing store has a big sale

11. After a long time finally understanding something

12. Getting scared and holding on to someone

13. People who just understand you completely 

14. When it's snowing outside and I'm drinking hot chocolate

15. When you make someone's day

16. When it's weekend

17. When someone tells you that they like the smell of your perfume

18. When strangers smile at you

19. When the lights go of at a concert

20. When you take a shower after the beach

21. When your mom picks you up from school

22. When you won a tennis match

23. Looking over the new stuff you just bought

24. When you have had a good workout

25. When you take a picture and it's really nice

26. Finding out that everybody thinks the same way about that person

27. Waking up when it's your birthday

28. When you're laughing until your stomach hurts

29. When your hair is actually really long

30. Finding out something is cheaper that you thought it was

31. When you're having breakfast for dinner

32. When your favorite tv program starts 

33. When you buy jeans that fit really well

34. When you are looking trough old photo's 

35. When someone you like likes you back

36. When you are having an at home beauty day 

37. When a movie ends the way I wanted to

38. When you receive a magazine longer than you paid for

39. When you have a long conversation with your friend at night

40. When you realize that actually the little things in life make the difference

Be happy with who you are and what your life is and enjoy the little things in life! 

Have a lovely day,

Isabel x

Fashion trend autumn/winter 2014: Black & White

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you one of the trends for coming fall/winter 2014. After all the floral and cheerful patterns we had this summer this fall brings us back to the more modest and classic colors like black and white. I already went looking in some clothing stores and I saw a lot of those colors on the racks. I am not a person who wears a lot of black and white but this fall I kind of like to do it a little bit more so I'm really in style. But don't worry if you don't like to keep up with the newest trends, that's totally fine of course! 
striped sweater

Forever 21 top

MANGO jacquard jacket
$97 -

MANGO skater skirt

Balenciaga infinity ring

Adele Marie black necklace
$63 -

Lipsy leather jewelry
$13 -

Let me know what you think of this trend? 
Have a lovely day,

Isabel x

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to school

Hey everyone,

The summer holiday is almost over and maybe you are already going to school. I always love to go shopping and this is kind of a good excuse to do that! In this period it's always more difficult to find things because it's not really the summer season anymore and you're in between summer and autumn. But I choose a few items that are cute to buy for yourself to start you school year in style. 

Back to school buys

Superdry star jumper

Converse shoes

Cath Kidston swarovski crystal jewelry
$36 -

Victoria's Secret Water Bottle

I hope you liked the back to school buys! 
What is your back to school must have of this year?

 photo Schermafbeelding2014-08-30om133819_zpsa09f9ba2.png

Summer is almost over

Hey everyone,

My 6 weeks summer holiday went by so fast. I remember the day that I was very happy I still had so many weeks ahead of me. And now it's Saturday the last weekend before school starts. I had a really fun summer holiday. In the first few weeks I went with my family to our house in Rome which was a very great trip. When I look at all the photo's I took I want to go back there so badly..
My friends were also here and it was very fun!

But I also kind of missed school and the regular days with a routine. And I see my friends everyday which makes it better. I already went shopping for some back-to-school supplies this week. I think tomorrow I'll show in a haul what I bought for school. But one thing is a very cute purple planner. I love it so much already! Because this year is my graduation year most agenda's that I saw where with a lot of pictures in them and they were not really for my age. Monday I have to pick up my schedule and Tuesday my school year starts officially. 

When I had rainy days here in the Netherlands I watched the Youtube series @Summerbreak. I don't know if you already know them but it's a group of teens around 19 years old doing fun things in their summer break. The were followed by camera's all day. It's really fun to watch. So if you are bored all it's a rainy day I really recommend this series.

If you are already going to school than I want to wish you good luck!! And if you have to start in the next few weeks than I also hope you're going to have a great year! 

Let me know in the comments below what you did in summer break! :)

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Friday, August 29, 2014

10 Adorable lace dresses

Hey everyone,

Here are 10 adorable lace dresses. Hope you like them!

Los Angeles 3/4 Sleeve Lace dress €58,20

Lace dress H&M €24,99


D1101603   MISSGUIDED 

Lacy Plunge Bodycon dress - Love Culture

Lavender Garden Party Dress

B Darlin Juniors' Cap-Sleeve Lace Dress €25,08

Lace Drop Waist Dress €55 NEXT.CO.UK

John Zack Lace Dress With Drop Hem

ASOS €51.43
Bershka Short Lace dress €39,99

Red Sleeveless Zig Zag Rose Lace Bodycon Mini Dress

29,99 €  NEW LOOK

 photo Schermafbeelding2014-08-30om133819_zpsa09f9ba2.png

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hollister autumn must haves

Hey everyone,

Here are some Hollister must haves that I really love! 

Drapey knit t-shirt |  €29

Slim crop top | €29

Hollister Alex Jean Jeggings | €49

Beach buffer jacket | €94

Cute Fringe Wristlet | €24

Arch bay sweater | €44

Arrow Charm Bracelet | €12

Have a lovely day,


Shophaul: Dorm room decorations

Hey everyone,

This week I thought my room needed some extra decorations. I went shopping and I found some cute things that I put in my bookshelf. Because I'm really a bargain hunter, the things I bought are all under 10 euro. Let me know what you think of them! :)

This is a mini chalkboard which I really love. I bought it especially for when the school starts. It's helpful to write some things down that you need to do and don't want to forget. It's from the brand Riverdale and I bought it for only 10 euro.

These are two baskets with a pretty pattern. Inside I put two electric candles which you can see trough the baskets when the lights are on. It makes your room really cozy when it's dark outside or it's just a rainy day. In total it costed me 7 euro. I bought them in a budget store in Holland called Action.

This is a new wooden basket that I put next to the other baskets. I really needed something to put all the small stuff that I had laying on my desk like chargers and phone cases, things like that. It looks nice and it's very useful. The basket was 3 euro.

The least item I bought is a Chinese saving jar. I saw it in the shop and it was so cute that I couldn't let it stand there. So I bought it and I put it next to my chalkboard in my bookshelf. It was 10 euro.

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day,




Have a lovely day,