Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fashion | Yellow for coming Spring

Hey everyone,

There are a lot of exciting trends for coming Spring 2015 that were already shown and announced on the catwalk at the end of last year for this year. That's because in the fashion industry the designers plan everything ahead. I have chosen to share a color that will be very stylish this Spring, it's the color yellow. I have to say it's not really a color I would wear, but because there are so many different shades of yellow there is a shade you may like! From the very bright sunny yellow shades to the more gold yellow shades. The tip to find your shade is to look at your skin tone and find which complements you the best. It's a bright and sunny color for Spring but it's a trend were you have to know how to combine and create a good outfit with the color. If you wear it well and with the right accessories you are ready to go! Here are a few examples from the runway from big designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch how they show the the trend. 

fashion trend 2015

How to wear yellow
-The easiest way to wear yellow is in combination with a pair of blue denim jeans. It's important not to overdo it, so a cute yellow top, t-shirt, blouse or sweater is almost enough. If you think you're not finished yet, you can add a cute ring with a yellow stone or a yellow bag. It's what you like and prefer and make it your own! 
-Yellow looks very cute in combination with pastel colors. For example a pastel colored pair of jeans with a nice yellow blazer on top. 
-I always thought that if you don't really have a darker skin tone, yellow wouldn't look good on you. But that's not true. You also see in on the runway pictures above. You just have to find the right shade.
-If you love skirts and yellow, the skirt looks very cute in combination with a denim shirt and a pair of flats or heels. 
-Some people don't like to wear a very bright color that's really out there. If you have that too you can always brighten your outfit with yellow accessories. Like a clutch or necklace. That can be very subtle to really seeing it. 

My yellow wish list 
After seeing this color on the runway and in magazines I think I defenitely want to give it a try. I love the more soft yellow shade. But when I go to the beach on a sunny day and I'm darker I think I would wear the brighter colors. Some clothing items I would love to have in my closet: 

Warehouse double layer textured top €51,43

Jas M.B. Recycled leather travel wallet €35,72
If you love them too you can buy them both on

Do you like the yellow trend?
Have a lovely day,


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Friday, January 16, 2015

Thank God, it's finally Friday! ;)

Hey everyone,

After a busy week it's finally Friday! I hope you are going to have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself!

Have a lovely day,


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why I would love to go on vacation to Iceland

Hey everyone,

I don't know why but there's just something about Iceland that makes me want to go there. I've heard from many people that it's a beautful country with very nice landscapes and thermal swimming pools and that it's luxurious. In Holland it's a tradition after you have made your final high school exams you go on holiday with some friends and celebrate till you get your results back. There are popular places like Granada, Sevilla or Mykonos where a lot of my classmates are going to. But I don't really love all the drinking and partying stuff so I thought I wanted something different but still fun. And I came up with Iceland. 

why I would love to go to iceland

Things you can do in Iceland
It's for people who love a variation of activities on holiday. There are so many things you can do. The top things what I would love to do are first whale watching. I love animals and I think this would be a very cool and unforgettable experience with my friends. I heard from my neighbors who went to Reykjavik that in the summer it's the perfect time to go whale watching. You can really see them from nearby and just already love it!! I would also love to go to the geothermal pools in Iceland. It's really nice to just forget about all the school stuff and gossip with your friends about cute guys and stuff.. A shopping trip is also definitely on my to do list. Reykjavik is the place to find everything you need under one roof. Like 150 stores in one mall, a good one I heard is in the street called laugavegur. The last thing I would love to do with my friends is going to an Unesco national park in Iceland because I love being in the nature. Vatnajokull is one of the largest parks in the country. You can go by jetskie and see the beautful animals and snowy landscape. 

tumblr picture

Did you already go to Iceland?
Have a lovely day,

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Romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day

Hey everyone, 

Valentine's Day 2015 is coming and I am very excited! I always love this day because people show their love to others and give cute gifts to them. And all the romantic things you can do on this day, like going on a date with your boyfriend. But also doing fun stuff with friends or family. Every year I send valentines cards to random people to wish them a good day. I hope it makes them happy!! 

But you can also stay in your warm and cozy home and snuggle up in your blanket and watch some romantic movies with a cup of thea and cookies. I love to do that too.. 
If you would like to have some inspiration, here are 16 romantic movies you can watch on Valentine's Day.


Endless Love
About last night
The right kind of wrong
Take care
Love, Rosie
The longest ride
The Duff
The holiday
If I stay
The wedding pact
Fifty shades of Gray
For a good time, call
Monster in law
The romantics

What are your going to do on Valentine's Day? 
Have a lovely day,

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spam your blog

Hey everyone,

I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and I really love it. You can share your thoughts and topics you love with other people around the world and connect on Bloglovin and other fun things. Because I love to connect with other bloggers I thought it was a nice idea that you can put your blog here in the comments and I can explore some fun blogs and maybe follow each other! :) 

Leave your blog link below in the comments.
Have a lovely day,

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My life lately | exams, cute DIY projects and gratefulness

Hey everyone, 

I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Today I didn't do much because there is a really big storm here in the Netherlands with rain and it doesn't look very welcoming. But I went outside to the main shopping street in my village. I had to pick up a few books for school in the library I have to read and afterwards I collected my gift I bought for myself at the jewelry shop. I bought a very cute Pandora Pandora bow ring with mini zirconia stones and a ring to wear in combination. Pandora is really a brand that I love, there are so many different rings and charms for a bracelet. When we walked back it started to rain really really hard. So when I was home finally I didn't need to take a shower anymore..
But it was refreshing. In two weeks my exam week starts. At my school you have for test weeks during your year and in between you have nothing. So grade depends on that one test. And because I am in my final year now it count even more. But I think it's going go well if I continue to study hard. 

Things I am grateful for right now
-I am grateful I can go to school and have a good education to built my future. A lot of children in the world still can't go school. That needs to be changed. Education is something people can never steal from you.
-I am grateful for having a great best friend. I do and share almost everything with her and it means a lot to me and makes live a lot better and funnier.
-I am grateful for all the love and support I get for my parents and that they support almost every important decision I have to make.


I thought it was fun to make 2 DIY things. I stumbled across this Project and I thought it was a very nice idea to put in my room. I have a lot of photos at home and I only need to buy some lights. 

Because I love delicous food this and these look very cute I defenitely want to do this second DIY bake project. They are girly cupcakes and I think it will be very fun to make. 

Enjoy your weekend. What is your favorite DIY PROJECT?
Have a lovely day,

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My top 5 most worn things this winter

Hey everyone,

Every season I always wear a few of my really favorite clothing items a lot. Well, that much that after a while I don't like them anymore.. I am a person who looks on the Internet for hours for cute clothes on many differents shops and put all the nice ones in the shopping bag. But in end I don't buy anything. :) Do you also recognize that? Some people like shopping in stores better, me too. You can try everything on and you see immediately if you like it or not. 

What I look for in finding clothes
For me important things to look for in clothes are first if it fits you well. It's logical, my fave items all have the right fit for my body type. Everyone has a different body, so choose clothes that suit you. Another thing is that I only wear clothes if they are comfortable and cute. I don't wear baggy trousers everyday, but that it's equal to each other. The last thing is also important. Maybe the most. The first thing that I do when I try something on in a store is looking at the materials of the items. Fortunately, I can wear wool which is very cozy and warm during the winter. I like cotton, or a mix with other materials. But mohair and 100% acryl are not really for me. 

I found all my favorite clothing items online and in cute shops when I was on vacation in Italy or here in The Netherlands. Scarves are my favorite accessories because I always have it cold. They are in so much different patterns, materials and size that you are always original and warm. They make every outfit from nice to great and without really making a lot of effort. Here are 2 of my favorite scarves that I wear almost every week. Love them!!!! 

The red scarf is from Abercrombie & Fitch which I bought on their web shop for 17 euros. It's very comfortable and the bright red color looks very happy. This is me wearing my scarf. :)

This burgundy(my favorite color) scarf is really the best. It's from Tombetland and I bought it three years ago when I was on holiday in Rome. It was in combination with the same color hat but I lost it. I don't remember exactly what I paid for it, but I think around 25 euros.

Next is my Abercrombie & Fitch sweater that I also bought on their web shop. It's one of my favorites and it has a cute bunny in front with glasses and the back of it has the back of the bunny with a mini tail. So cute!! When I walk somewhere with this sweater, everybody touches the mini tail.... I bought it for 42 euros.

This velvet legging from Hollister is also very nice and goes in combination with the sweater and the red scarf. And I often wear it this way to school. I bought this legging for a Christmas party, in mind that I could also wear it after that with a top or sweater. I bought the legging for 49 euros on the Hollister web shop. 

My Clarks shoes are definitely on this list. They are in suede black and look great with any pair of jeans and a cute top. They are comfortable and cute. I bought them in a local store here in Holland for 110 euros. 

I hope you liked my favorite clothing items and I wish you a lovely day,

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inspiration for today

Hey everyone,

At the beginning of my two week holiday I was happy to think about having still two weeks left. Now it's already Wednesday..This holiday was really a holiday to relax and gain some extra energy for the upcoming test week. Quality time with friends and family were also a must of course. I enjoyed all the Christmas presents and the delicous meals. Today was a long day, I went to school till four and after that I had a New Years party. It was very nice. Because you are back to your normal life probably I wanted to share these pictures with you. They make you happy and maybe it inspires you and encourages you to do something great! 

Did you have a nice holiday? I would love to know! 

Have a lovely day,


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