Sunday, November 22, 2015

Today is my 18th birthday!

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a great relaxing weekend!? Today is finally my 18th birthday! I'm feeling so old haha.. My Wishlist was already made a few months before and completely knew how my birthday cake would look like and my theme of the party. I wanted to keep it classic and love the colors red and pink. My cake is made completely from chocolate with sprinkles and colored candles on top in the shape of 18. Later this day my family and friends are coming and I'll open all the presents and cut the cake. I have to say I feel a little bit different, more grown up.. ;) Maybe I'll do a birthday haul later of the things I got. Let me know in the comments if you would like that idea! 


Have a lovely day,


Thursday, November 5, 2015

November wishlist

Hey everyone,

I hope you have had a great Halloween! It's already November now and the time till Christmas is getting less! Time to create a wishlist for this month. 

David Charles Sleeveless Corded-Lace & Tulle Dress / The dress with roses and tulle in off white is very cute to wear on my birthday. 

Mango Pockets Wool Coat , Medium Grey / I have seen this coat many times in the Mango store and want it so bad. It's a classic wool coat that can be easily combined with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. 

M&Co Ladies Long Sleeve Fun Festive Skiing Robin Pattern ... / A fun sweater for this Winter is always welcome. 

Curtis Plaid Scarf / Plaid is very stylish this season.

Kate Spade New York Do Wonders Candy Clutch / Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers. This clutch is just so girly and different that it's the number one thing on my wishlist! 

Mango Buttoned Denim Skirt, Open Grey / A bottom up skirt is a basic thing for your closet and would love have one myself. 

What is your favorite item on your November wishlist? 

Have a lovely day,

Isabella ❤

Monday, October 19, 2015

It´s all about FALL

Hey everyone,

October is the month when you can transform your home into a cozy place. It´s getting colder, days are getting shorter and Halloween is coming! I always love fall, I don´t know why but I think it´s because you have an excuse to watch Netlfix in bed under a cozy blanket with a hot chocolate milk.. So I had an idea to get you really in the mood for fall and share my dorm room decorations, some cute pictures I found while searching on Pinterest and WeHeartIt and not to forget some fluffy sweaters to keep you warm this month. Let´s get started!

My dorm room decorations
Maybe it´s a bit early to have string lights in your room, but they look so cute and at the end of this month the winter time starts and the clock is one hour back and it gets darker even earlier. It looks really nice to have some lights on in my bookshelf in combination with my three pumpkins and my other to fake candles.I bought the pumpkins at a big gardencenter where they had a lot special offers, because they ahd to make space for the christmas items. I walked along a shelve of very cute small pumpkins and huge ones for in the garden. I tought it would be a cute idea to have a few of different fall colors in my room. So I have on in orange, yellow kind of brown and light green with darker green stripes. It´s not a lot off decorations but still enough to make your room cute and ready for fall.

Pinterest Fall inspiration

Autumn in the air:


Autumn | Fall | baking | cooking | recipes | cookies | seasonal | pumpkin | halloween | childrens baking:

Fall inspiration

Fluffy Fall sweaters




What is your favorite season?
Have a lovely day,


Saturday, October 17, 2015

3x Big Dreams

Hey everyone,

There are so many things I would love to accomplish not only in my dreams, but in real life too! Making lists is something that I love to do because it's just so clear and organized. So because there are many big dreams I want to come true, here is my list to share with you. Enjoy!

My 3x Big dreams list

1. Number one on my dream list is something everybody can do already. It's getting my drivers license. I'm now on a break with my lessons, I started in February with my first lesson and thought it was very fun to drive and took driving lessons since than. During summer break I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled out and afterwards had all kind of problems with infections and pain and felt for a good month or two very bad. But now I want to pick it up again and start fresh, get my theory also and have my drivers license. I guess it feels like you're more independent in some way. Like driving your own car and bringing yourself to places! 

2. Getting my pre-University diploma is my second big wish. In Holland the system is quite different. You first have elementary and pre-school till the age of twelve. Than you go, depending on which level of education you are going to follow to high school. The lowest level is four years and than you go to college. You have the in between level that's five years and than the pre-university level that's six years and than you obviously go to University, but college can be also an option of course. I came from the middle level and am now going to spend to years in my university level of high school as a senior! Well, it sounds more exciting than it actually is. I had the choice to go to college after my havo exam but didn't find a good study. I preferred university. But even though it's not really my first choice I'm going to make the most out of it and hope on getting a diploma in my hands in 2017! That would be my ultimate goal and study something that really interests me. 

3. Having a dog.. This is a dream that could come true in the future, but for now it's not going to happen. ;) My mom is so afraid of dogs, you can't imagine. When we went on a family trip to Rome, my father brought his chiuaua(my father lives in rome and he has a dog there in the office he shares with colleagues, found on the streets abandoned)and he was soo cute!See Jo the Chihuahua here in my other blog post. Just playing with him, feeding him and especially walking the dog was so fun! When I would have him, I would buy cute clothes, socks, hats, leash, haha just kidding..... 


What is your biggest dream? ;)

Have a lovely day,


Monday, September 14, 2015

Pretty little things

1. Carpisa key chain
2. Pandora bracelet
3. Collistar twist gloss 203
4. Collistar twist eyeshadow 102
5. Dior nail polish gold glitter 221
6. Dior nail polish nude 413
7. Dior nail polish pink glitter 643
8. Collistar silk effect bronzing powder 

What is your favorite pretty little thing?
Have a lovely day,


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fall fashion: The 70's are back

Hey everyone,

It's been a while lately that I've posted on my blog fortunately. These past few weeks have been so busy. I think that the first weeks of high school (as a senior!) are always a little bit more stressful because you have to get used to a new schedule and doing homework again. But now I'm back and hope to post more regularly here! 

Let's start with my post topic of today! You probably don't what to think about Autumn yet or even Winter, but the time is going so fast and it's almost the end of summer so it's the perfect time to start organizing your closet. Removing all the cute Summmer dresses(reminded me of my holiday..) and replace them for new fresh fall ready items. Before to go shopping, here are some trends that are really cute for this Fall to be inspired by, from cuffs to fur, everything is possible really. 

The first trend is is color, a color that has many beautiful shades, lighter ones and darker ones like burgundy. It was seen on the runway many times by Guccy, Armani, Prada and many more famous designers from head to toe making a fashion statement in red. 

1. Dolce & Gabbana 2. Valentino 3. Herrera From

Fluffy coats, I want to have one so badly for a really long time now. This trend is warm, looks chic and like you made effort to dress up without looking too over the top. In many colors and shapes designers like Stella McCartney ruled the runway to survive a snowstorm! ;) Topshop even lined their shoes with fluff inside. They must be comfortable! 

1. Stella McCartney 2. Fendi 3. Roksanda From

High necks are very fashionable this Autumn and you will see lots of them in shops. DKNY and Hermes showed it doesn't stop with just polo necks. They combined it with a high neck in combination with a fitted dress or a tailored jacket. You can do anything with this trend and make it your own creation.

1. Ralph Lauren 2. Narciso Rodriguez 3. Blumarine From

This summer Boho has been a huge trend, and now again but now with a lot of glam anymore. Valentino showed more prints like fringing and green colored shades. The designer Chloe made spring dresses with patchwork knits on top. 

1. Versace 2/3. Anna Sui From

The next trend is called duvet and looks really chic and elegant. Super quilted coats to snuggle up in and very warm jackets from Balenciaga are around the corner and waiting for you to buy them. 

These were some of the trends for this Fall/winter of ss2015. I hope you are now inspired enough to go shopping for some great items to fill your wardrobe with and have a fashionable fall! 

What is your favorite trend for next season? :) Have a lovely day,


Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer is coming to an end

Hey everyone,

I can't believe it's already the end of August! It feels like the time goes faster every year and you can't slow it down. Monday is my first day of high school as a senior! Maybe you have read my other blog post about my high school graduation, you probably don't quite understand it. But I'm continuing with my pre-university levels now. 


This summer was very cliche but true the best summer ever! There were a lot of exciting things that happened and a few of that I never thought would do but ended to be a lot of fun. Just back from Rome, my birth city and it was a great trip. If you haven't visited Rome yet, you should really do it. Everywhere you walk you see beautiful old buildings, ancient cities and of course delicious food! This was really a family trip and I have to say, after this I've become even closer to them. Also Montpellier was a trip I will never forget. I was on a language camp with lessons at an international French language school, which was amazing. You learn so much more than just French. 

Some pics of Rome

With Pinokkio

With my Chihuahua Jo

Not the best picture haha ;)

Favorites during my summer break were:

-Watching Summerbreak Season 3 on Youtube 
It's so much fun to watch, and I've followed it since the first season. A group of teenagers that just finished high school or are seniors are filmed while going on trips together and talking, with drama etc.. :) 

-Eating suppli's
While I was in Rome I ate besides pizza and icecream(also other things haha) suppli's. They look like a kroket but with rice, tomato, mozzarella and vegetables insides. SO DELICIOUS!

-Discovered a new clothing brand
In montpellier I went to a big shopping mall where they had many stores like Zara, Pull&Bear and also this brand called Stradivarius. It's the sister of the Zara and I've never heard of it before. When I was inside the store they had many cute things... 


Summer playlist:

-El Mismo Sol
-Feder, Goodbye
-El Salvador
-Are you with me
-Lo ti aspetto
-Ain't nobody
-Holiday, feat. Akon
-Five more hours
-Sun is shining
-Come and get it
-Fade out lines
-Staring at the Sun

I hope you enjoyed my blog post. I want to wish you a very good summer holiday and a good start of your new school year! 
Have a  great day, 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Language camp to Montpellier

Hey everyone,

I am just back home from my amazing language camp to Montpellier!! It was really a week I will never forget and did a lot of exciting things there and made international friends.I would love to share my experience with you and maybe inspire you to also go to this city! 

For a long time I was planning to go on a language camp to Brighton, a city in the UK with a beach and basically a place where you can do everything. That idea got stuck in my head and when I heard my friend also wanted to go I almost made the decision to book it. But I waited to really be sure and saw another language camp in Montpellier, a city in the South of France close to the beach and is a famous university city. When I saw that I was sold and wanted to go there really bad. The weather is really nice and warm and I love the atmosphere there, like sort of Italian and Spanish culture that you don't have in Holland. So we finally booked it and two weeks later I was on my way to Montpellier! 

It was by bus for like 18 hours, but it didn't really feel like it was that long because we made a few stops and I slept almost the whole time haha.. It's a Dutch travel organisation for youth people where I booked my trip and you go with other teens from across Holland by bus to Montpellier and you get eve thing included, like meals, your room, activities, tram and the language courses. When we arrived there it was kind of awkward because the minute we stepped out of the bus everybody was really tired and hungry. We sad down to eat some breakfast and nobody said something because they were so tired.. But it got better soon and the group was really nice. The residence where we stayed was for international students who study in Montpellier, like a college dorm with a desk, kitchen and bthe la course.  After breakfast we went for a short city tour around Montpellier and I never thought it looked like this. The city was really beautiful and we saw the Arc the Triomf and the view was really pretty too! 

The next day we went to the beach in Montpellier. It was first half an hour by tram and and on the highway by bus. We saw pink flamingos there, and they were so cute! I have never seen them in real life and it was pretty cool! When we arrived at the beach is was way bigger than I expected. The water was great and you could actually swim with no jellyfish and we stayed the whole day in the water. There was also a cute guy in our group who asked me to play beach tennis, that was so cute of him. I never really talk a lot with guys because I'm pretty shy around them, even though I love to. So we played tennis and laughed and had a good time!


After the beach we went in the evening disco skating, yeah skating with 40 degrees! My parents thought I was joking but it was really true and a lot fun! There was really loud music and disco lights everywhere and I haven't skated in quite a while so we all had a great time again haha! The next day of our weekend we went to place de la comedie in Montpellier city, the famous place where you have a lot of restaurants, cafes, the cinema basically where the night life starts. We went to visit a museum and to the shopping center Polygone, just around the corner of place de la comedie. The shopping center was great and I bought a lot of cute things at the Zara and Gap and of course the warehouse Lafayette! If you want to visit Montpellier, you defenitely should go to that shop, it has everything! In the evening we went with the group to eat some dinner and later to the cinema and watched the movie Pitch Perfect 2. I saw the trailer and really wanted to see the movie and we did. I didn't think it was as good as the first one but loved the songs very much. Especially the song called Flashlight was very good and listened afterwards on repeat.. ;) Overall it was a funny movie and good to relax. 

After the weekend the language courses started early on Monday morning till Friday morning. Before my trip I really didn't like to speak French that much at all. It was more just for fun because I did it for the city with beach and culture. But after my first lesson I started to really enjoy listening to the teacher actually speaking real French and communicating in French the whole time. I got learn many people on the International Language School(LSF), like a girl from Switserland and a girl from Canada! :) It's around 20 minutes to walk from the residence to the school, but you see a lot of the city. Right now they are building a new tram line though Montpellier city for a little bit sightseeing for tourists. You walk across cute typical French bookstores, cafes and beautiful buildings. The arc de Triomf was actually actually just across the language school. After the lessons we went another 2 times to the beach because everybody enjoyed it very much. Just swimming there in the sea felt like you were really away from everything and it felt like a real holiday to me. 

One day after the lessons a girl from my group wanted to go buy some cute things in the big shopping center Odysseum. Nobody wanted to go with her, so I said why not. We walked from the residence to the Place de la Comedie and from there took the tram to the Odysseum. They have almost everything there, like the Zara, Mango, Stradivarius(bought a lot there, so niceee) and Pull and Bear. And a lot of restaurants where you can eat like a panini for two euros! Stradivarius is the brand where I bought a lot of things, it's the sister of the Zara but a little bit cheaper and for young adults like me haha. I bought a few cute tops, a black dress, jumpsuit and blouse. 

In between we had spare time to do whatever we wanted to we went to the city to enjoy some crepes of course and they were really delicous! There was in a street close to Place de la Comedie a macarons shop and they looked so colorful and cute but I don't really like, to eat them.. Have you ever eaten macarons? Going to the supermarket there was also fun because you have a lot more than in Holland and even a banana tastes better. I also went to a magazine shop where I bought the Biba, it's a typical French magazine and Marie Claire and more. On Friday evening we went out for dinner with the whole group and afterwards went to the Festival of Montpellier. With al sorts of things to try and with loud music was it very fun! 

The last day before we stepped in the bus to go home, we went to the Hamam. It's a spa and wellness center where you can totally relax and scrub, do your nails like everything. I really recommend it because you feel so much better and relaxed afterwards! During my trip here I've definitely learned to be more independent, because my mother wasn't around everytime I needed something. But also feeling more grown up that you went by yourself without your family and still enjoy yourself. Like a feeling you can do everything from now. I believe that if you want to find your though self you have to travel, because you will discover a different side of yourself! ;) I hope you enjoyed my post and if you're still not sure wether to go or not on a language camp you should really go. It might be a little scary first but it's really an investment, you learn a lot and have a really great time! 

Have you ever been to Montpellier? 
Have a lovely day,


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